Bucket List

We have so many things that we want to accomplish throughout our travels that we can't seem to keep them straight nor remember them all so this is a place for that. These are in no particular order.

-- Visit every state in our great country! (and maybe find a geocache there)

-- See a Detroit Red Wings game in every NHL arena!
          -- (7/29) Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Carolina, San Jose, Los Angeles, Anaheim

-- Set foot on all 7 continents!
          -- North America, Asia, Europe (Ethan)

-- Skydiving!

-- Bungee jumping!

-- Parasailing!

-- Bike tour around all of the Great Lakes!
          -- Lake Michigan (971 miles)

-- Bike tour the West Coast!
          -- 46 days (1,863 miles)

-- Bike tour coast to coast!

-- Go to a World Cup! (or several)
          -- Germany 2006

-- Party at Loy Krathong!

-- Teach in a foreign country!
          -- Thailand 2012-13

-- Get scuba certified!

-- Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites (there are only 962 of them)

-- Visit as many of the 397 National Units in the United States as we can!

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