Monday, February 23, 2015

Here we go again!

It’s been over two and a half years since we biked the west coast and left our lives behind for SE Asia. Since returning, there have been some big events (see previous post) and we are all settled in to our new home. Our travel bug is still going strong though! And we're excited to update you on our next adventure...

For a couple of years now, Ethan has been saying that he wants to do a cross-country bike tour. It was never something I was really interested in even after touring the pacific coast. I came up with a whole list of reasons why I wasn’t interested - it would take too long, it would be too hard, it would cost too much, etc. I had made up my mind and the issue really didn’t come up again until a few months ago. Ethan came to me and said that he was intent on doing the cross-country trip and was going with or without me. Immediately I said no. But in the back of my mind I thought I would probably want to go eventually. And with a few changes to his original plan, I was on board! (I knew if I gave her an ultimatum that she would eventually agree to it. -E)

From the beginning Ethan wanted this trip to serve a purpose. He decided he wanted find an organization that we could use the trip to raise money for. Something that was close to our hearts and that we thought we would be able to actually see the money helping. Fairly quickly, he connected with a guy that we had gone to high school with named Corey. Corey and his mom had started a non-profit organization to aid those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. It was perfect. It was something that we both felt to be really important for people struggling with those issues and we had seen how helpful those programs can be through Ethan’s younger sister, Emily. We worked with Corey and decided that the money we raise will go toward a memorial scholarship named for Ethan’s late grandfather, David McLoughlin. He played an important role in Emily’s recovery by providing financial support for her stay in a treatment center and transitional housing. The scholarship will help pay for the first month’s stay in their RISE transitional housing program. You can read more about that, buy a t-shirt and donate at these pages: FacebookT-ShirtsDonate, Twitter and RISE Transitional Houses.
The tour will, hopefully, begin the second week in June and end in August. The start date is dependent on Ethan getting his final classes finished and we have to be back by the second week in August for my sister Stevie's wedding. Ethan is confident that we can bike the route in that amount of time. 

So far our preparations have included planning the ROUTE itself (and some alternate routes around seasonal roads, etc), locating potential places to stay (campgrounds, WarmShowers places, and friends of friends or family who have offered their couches or extra beds) and bike shops along the way. This can all be found in ETHAN'S NOTES. We also started training recently. Yes, it's happening! We've never trained for a tour before, but this one is definitely going to push our bodies beyond what we have experienced so far. We figured we might want to at least try to get in shape. We started with just doing the P90X3 workouts. They are only 30 minutes, but they are pretty intense. They focus on strengthening your core and preparing your muscles for athletic activity - and there is a once a week yoga session that is pretty stellar. 

So we did that for about a month and then decided to up the ante. We purchased stationary bike trainers from Craigslist and have decided to set weekly mileage goals. We are hoping this helps get our legs ready for the 3,100 mile journey. 
Along with the workouts, we are planning on doing some smaller trips leading up to the big one. The longest of those will be over Ethan's spring break the first week of April. Ethan found a trail that we could do in that time frame called the NATCHEZ TRACE PARKWAY. The parkway follows the historic Natchez Trace trail from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. It's about 440 miles and we are hoping it will take us about 6 days. 
If the weather warms up in March, we might do some smaller trips in Michigan, but I would say the chances aren't very good given the current temperatures! After the Natchez ride, we are planning to spend as much time biking as we can with weekend trips of about 100 miles. 

Well, that's where we are at now! We plan to keep this updated leading up to the trip and, of course, during. We'll always post our blogs to Facebook and Twitter, so you can follow along! Thanks for reading!

Back in the US of A

So many things have changed since we set our feet back on American soil. I’ll just briefly outline some of those things here in case you might have missed them.

Our first adventure when we got back was the wedding of one of my younger brothers, Koltar. Our whole family loaded up and drove 11 hours to Connecticut for the party. It was glorious. Another well-done wedding and the Granmarkersons (my family) tore up the dance floor as usual.
That summer (2013) I got a job working with Ethan’s older sister, Lindsay, at a non-profit called Elder Law of Michigan. It started as a two-day part time gig that turned into full-time employment. We went on a few short weekend adventures that summer while looking for teaching jobs. While we were hiking the Manistee River Trail, Ethan got the call we’d been hoping for. He was offered a part-time Physical Education position at Dansville Middle School. We were thrilled. It was nearing the end of summer and neither of us had had any luck yet. We were about to start looking in other states, but Dansville saved us. It wasn’t full time, but it was something and either way he was going to gain experience. So by October we were both gainfully employed (and right before school started they added one class to Ethan’s schedule getting him almost to full time).
Around the same time we moved into my Aunt’s house near downtown Mason. It was going to be vacant for a while, so we decided to occupy it for her and start saving for our own place. We have always wanted to stay in Michigan and have always wanted to own our own home. Renting is awful and we were prepared to live with Deena and Steve until we could afford to own a home. Living so close to downtown Mason was great. We loved it. We could walk/run on the paved recreational trail that came within yards of the house and everything was so close and convenient. We spent the winter hanging out with friends and saving as much as possible. I ended up getting a kidney stone right before Christmas - just my luck. It was the worst thing I’ve gone through medically. I had to have surgery to have it removed and then had to have a stent put in to properly drain my kidney. The stent caused more pain than the stone and put me out of commission for about 12 days. It was awful. I hope it never happens again!
In February (2014), we began our house hunt. We looked in Mason first because we love it and would love to live there. But we couldn’t find anything that wasn’t super old or out of our price range. Eventually we opened our search to new-build neighborhoods. We ended up falling in love with the idea of building and decided to go with CVE builders. We had really wanted to build in a neighborhood just outside of Mason, but CVE only owned two lots and we didn’t like either of them. We ended up going to see a model of the floor plan that we wanted in a neighborhood in Holt that was about 3 minutes further than the neighborhood we wanted. We walked through the house and I think it was love at first sight. The house was on a partially wooded lot and had almost everything we were planning on choosing. We put in an offer and it was accepted. We wanted to wait to move in even though the house would be finished in about a month. We needed a bit more savings in the bank to make sure we weren’t totally broke after the down payment.

In April, we traveled to California for my cousin Chelsea’s wedding, which was another success and so much fun. We had a few weekend adventures, but nothing huge, that spring. Then on June 16th we got the keys to the house and moved in. We spent most of that summer (2014) decorating and making the house a home. We also attended my other cousin Chelsea’s wedding and a friends wedding in the UP. We tried to hike Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore again, but the rain chased us out!! We also travelled to Columbus to watch a friend play on his professional soccer team, the Columbus Crew. We didn’t have as many summer adventures as we would have liked, but our main focus was the house. 
We spent the fall with friends and family and didn't go on many adventures or travels. Ethan was coaching soccer and keeping up with college courses he needed to take to become certified to teach health. It was a busy fall. We had Thanksgiving at our house and both our families were in town for Christmas. We really enjoyed our time with them and are lucky to have such great families. 

Keep reading to learn about our next big adventure!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Natchez Trace Parkway

We are going on a 440 mile trip from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee for spring break. There are a few reasons for the trip. We need to make sure all of our biking and camping gear is in working order before the big trip over the summer. It will also kick start our training efforts to get ready for the big trip. Lastly, it is an area of the country that we are not very familiar with and would love to get to know better. The Natchez Trace Parkway is supposed to have a wealth of history to it and we are excited to learn more about it.

Meet Emily at the Garrison Creek Visitor Center and leave our car there. Contact park office to let them know we will be leaving it over night. Em is going to drive us to Natchez, Mississippi from there.

0                       Natchez
38   (38)          Grand Gulf Military Park ($5- 10 miles from parkway)
55   (17)           Rocky Springs CG (free)
94   (39)           Jackson, MS (45 miles to WS)
                                      (Timberlake Campground- $17)
125 (31)           Ratliff Ferry Trading Post and Campground
160 (35)          Kosciusko CG (free)
194 (34)          Jeff Busby CG (free)
235 (41)          Witch Dance CG (bike only- free)
261 (26)          Tupelo, MS (WS)
267 (6)            Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center (bikes only- free)
328 (61)          Colbert Ferry CG (bicycle only- free)
356 (28)          Collinwood, TN (WS)
387 (31)           Meriwether Lewis CG (free)
409 (22)          Tennessee Hwy 50 CG (free)
429 (20)          Garrison Creek Visitor Center (No camping- parking area)
442 (13)          Northern Terminus

MP 0               Natchez, MS
                                 <Grand Village of the Natchez>
MP 5.1            Washington, MS
                                 <<Elizabeth Female Academy Ruins and Historic Jefferson College>>          
MP 8.7                     <<Old Trace Exhibit Shelter>>
MP 10.3                   <<Emerald Mound>>
MP 15.5                   <<Mount Locust>>
MP 37.7          Port Gibson [Food- near Trace]
MP 41.5                   <<The Sunken Trace>>
MP 45.7                   <<Mangum Mound and Grindstone Ford>>
MP 52.4                   <<Owens Creek Waterfall>>
MP 54.8          Rocky Springs CG (free)
MP 61                      <<Lower Choctaw Boundary>>
MP 73.5                   <<Dean Stand>>
MP 78.3                   <<Battle of Raymond>>
MP 79            Raymond [Food- 3 miles from Trace]
MP 88.1                   <<Cowles Mead Cemetery>>
MP 89            Clinton [Food/information- near Trace]
MP 93.1                   <<Osburn Stand>>
MP 100           Jackson, MS (WS)
MP 100.7                 <<Choctaw Agency>>
MP 102.4                 <<Parkway Information Cabin>>
MP 103.4        Madison [Food- near Trace]
MP 104.5                 <<Brashear's Stand and Old Trace>>
MP 105.6                 <<Ross Barnet Reservoir>>
MP 106.9                 <<Boyd Mounds>>
MP 107.9                 <<West Florida Boundary>>
MP 122                    <<Cypress Swamp>>
MP 122.6                 <<River Bend>>
MP 123.8        Ratliff Ferry Trading Post and Campground
MP 128.4                 <<Upper Choctaw Boundary>>
MP 135.5                 <<Robinson Road>>
MP 140                    <<Red Dog Road>>
MP 159           Kosciusko CG (bikes only- free)
MP 160           Kosciusko [Food/info- near Trace]
MP 175.6                 <<Cole Creek>>
MP 176.3                 <<Bethel Mission>>
MP 180.7        French Camp Historic District [Food- near Trace]
MP 193.1        Jeff Busby CG (free)
MP 195.5        HWY 9 [Food- near Trace]
MP 198.6                 <<Old Trace>>
MP 203.5                 <<Pigeon Roost Creek>>
MP 204.5        Mathiston [Food- 1 mile east]
MP 213.3                 <<Line Creek>>
MP 219.6        Mantee [Food- near Trace]
MP 221.4                 <<Old Trace>>
MP 229.3         Houston [3 miles west]
MP 232.4                 <<Bynum Mound and Village>>
MP 234           Witch Dance CG (bike only- free)
MP 243.1                 <<Owl Creek Indian Mounds- mile off Trace>>
MP 245.6                 <<Monroe Mission>>
MP 249.6                 <<Tockshish>>
MP 251.1                 <<Chickasaw Council House>>
MP 251.6       Pontocola Road [Food- near Trace]
MP 251.9                 <<Black Belt Overlook>>
MP 255.7        Verona [Food- east 1 mile]
MP 259.7                 <<Battle of Tupelo- mile off Trace>>
                                 <<Elvis Presley Birthplace and Tupelo Automobile Museum>>
MP 260           Tupelo, MS (WS)[Food]
MP 261.8                 <<Chickasaw Village Site>>
MP 263.9                 <<Old Town Overlook>>
MP 266           Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center (bikes only- free)
MP 269.4                 <<Small Confederate Cemetery on Old Trace>>
MP 270.7        Saltillo [Food- 3 miles]
MP 275.2                 <<Dogwood Valley>>
MP 278.4                 <<Twentymile Bottom Overlook>>
MP 283.3                 <<Donivan Slough>>
MP 286.7                 <<Pharr Mounds>>
MP 293.2                 <<Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway>>
MP 293.4                 <<Bay Springs Lake>>
MP 302                    <<Tishomingo, MS>>
MP 304.5        Tishomingo State Park [Food]
MP 308.4                 <<Cave Spring>>
MP 308.8                 <<Bear Creek Mound>>
MP 308.9                 <<Alabama-Mississippi State Line>>
MP 313                    <<Bear Creek>>
MP 317                    <<Freedom Hills Overlook>>
MP 320.3                 <<Buzzard Roost Spring>>
MP 327           Colbert Ferry CG (bicycle only- free)
MP 327.3                 <<Colbert's Stand and Ferry>>
MP 328.4                 <<Tennessee River>>
MP 330.2                 <<Rock Spring Nature Trail>>
MP 338                    <<Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall>>
MP 341.8                 <<Alabama-Tennessee State Line>>
MP 350.5                 <<Sunken Trace>>
MP 350.7        TN HWY 13 [Food- near Trace]
MP 352.9                 <<McGlamery Stand>>
MP 355           Collinwood, TN (WS) [Food]
MP 357.8                 <<Old Trace Drive>>
MP 363                    <<Sweetwater Branch>>
MP 364.5                 <<Glenrock Branch>>
MP 367.3                 <<Dogwood Mudhole>>
MP 385.9        Meriwether Lewis CG (free)
MP 391.9                 <<Fall Hallow Trail- waterfalls>>
MP 401.4                 <<Tobacco Farm and Old Trace Drive>>
MP 404.7                 <<Jackson Falls>>
MP 407.7                 <<Gordon House Historic Site>>
MP 407.8        Centerville [Food- 1 mile]
MP 408           Tennessee Hwy 50 CG (free)
MP 415.4        Fly [Food- 1.7 miles east]
MP 423.9                 <<Valley Divide>>
MP 427.6                 <<Garrison Creek Visitor Center>>
MP 429           Leipers Fork [Food- 1 mile east]
MP 438                    <<Birdsong Hollow>>
MP 442                    <<Northern Terminus>>

Northbound on the Natchez Trace Parkway

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day to Day Route

          Day 1: 76 miles Gradual from 7-502 ft
Newhalem (Newhalem Creek CG or Gorge Lake CG!)
          Day 2: 81 miles 1st half- climb up to 5,449 and 2nd half downhill
Twisp (Travis' family) (WS) (Loup Loup CG)
          Day 3: 61 miles Quick climb to 4,019 then down to 827 and flat rest of way
Tonasket (Tonasket Visitors and Business Resource Center or Shannon's Place)
          Day 4: 72 miles Gradual climb to 4,318 over 30 miles, then descent 
Kettle Falls (Sherman Pass CG or Canyon Creek CG)
          Day 5: 78 miles Climb to 5,502 over 1st third and then descent
Cusick (Panhandle CG)
          Day 6: 93 miles
Clark Fork (WS- Annie's Orchard!)
          Day 7: 72 miles
Libby (Dunn Creek CG)(WS)
          Day 8: 68 miles Small climb about 12 miles in & then lots of short hills
Eureka (Riverside Park or City Park)
          Day 9: 82 miles 800 ft of climbing (Combine with next day to make West Glacier)
West Glacier (WS)(Apgar CG, Avalanche CG is 16 miles from West Glacier)
          Day 10: 48 miles Going-to-the-Sun Road - 3000 ft climb
St. Mary (Rising Sun CG, St Mary CG, Johnson's CG, KOA)
          Day 11: 63 miles 1500 ft of climbing and then gradual descent most of way
Cut Bank (Shady Grove CG, Riverview RV Park, Glacier Mist RV Park)
          Day 12: 66 miles Gradual descent most of the way
Chester (Chester City Park)
          Day 13: 61 miles Gradual descent most of the way
Havre (Pepin Park) (WS)
          Day 14: 90 miles Gradual descent most of the way
Malta (Trafton Park, Edgewater CG)
          Day 15: 70 miles Generally flat
Glasgow (Trails West CG, Shady Rest RV Park)(West End CG- 17 miles off route, but on lake)
          Day 16: 71 miles Generally flat. 500 ft of climbing near 56-65 mi 
Poplar (American Legion Park)
          Day 17: 74 miles
Fairview (City Park)
          Day 18: 97 miles via i94 (76 on side roads) 
Killdeer (City Hall)
          Day 19: 57 miles
Stanton (Sakakawea Park CG)
          Day 20: 63 miles
Bismarck (General Sibley Park or Fort Abraham Lincoln SP) (WS)
          Day 21: 75 miles
Medina (Crystal Springs Camp, Cozy Corners Motel, post office, school)
          Day 22: 69 miles
Valley City (Municipal Tourist Park)
          Day 23: 63 miles
Fargo (WS, Dinner Ties) (Buffalo River SP) (Josh's Friend, Katie)
          Day 24: 58 miles
Fergus Falls (Delagoon Park)
          Day 25: 58 miles
Osakis (Two Mile Trailer Parking)
          Day 26: 56 miles
St Cloud (WS) (St Cloud CG & RV Park)
          Day 27: 56 miles
Coon Rapids/Twin Cities (John Hayden)
          Day 28: 75 miles
Red Wing (Frontenac State Park) (WS)
          Day 29: 67 miles
Winona (Prairie Island CG or Pla-Mor CG & Marina) (WS)
          Day 30: 76 miles
Wilton (Tunnel Trail Campground)
          Day 31: 50 miles
Baraboo (Devil's Lake SP) (WS)
          Day 32: 87 miles
Fort Atkinson (Pilgrim's CG) (WS in Cambridge)
          Day 33: 66 miles
Antioch (FAMILY)
          Day 34: 55 miles
Lincoln Park, Chicago (FAMILY)
          Day 35: 56 miles
Beverly Shores (Indiana Dunes SP) (Push for Potato Creek SP- 94 miles) (WS)
          Day 36: 69 miles
Goshen (4H Fairgrounds) (Push for Indian Lakes CG or Gordon's CG) (WS)
          Day 37: 59 miles
Butler (WS) (Kimpel's Hickory Acres CG)
          Day 38: 66 miles
Bowling Green (Rachel) (White Star Quarry)
          Day 39: 55 miles
Sandusky (Camp Sandusky) (Call Cedar Point)
          Day 40: 74 miles
Wadsworth (Portage Lake SP) (WS)
          Day 41: 63 miles
Lisbon (Beaver Creek SP CG) (WS)
          Day 42: 61 miles
Pittsburgh (Friends) (WS/Hotel)
          Day 43: 86 miles
Confluence (Outflow Camping Area- Army Corps of Engineers)
          Day 44: 63 miles
Cumberland, MD (Evitts Creek CG)
          Day 45: 71 miles
Big Pool (North Mountain H/B)
          Day 46: 61 miles
Point of Rocks (Calico Rocks H/B)
          Day 47: 50 miles
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. (Friends)
          Day 43: 35 miles
Greensburg (WS)
          Day 44: 59 miles
Schellsburgh (Shawnee Sleepy Hollow CG)
          Day 45: 80 miles
Hagerstown (WS)
          Day 46: 75 miles
Washington D.C. (Friends)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ethan's Notes

The rough outline of the 3,100 mile route from Seattle to Washington D.C.

0              Anacortes
                         WS (
                         (Bay View-
                         (Bay View State Park- $35)
                         [[Skagit Cycle Center, Bikespot, Westedge Cycle]]
                         <<Washington Park, Mt Erie Park, Cap Sante Park, Cranberry Lake Park>>
                         <<Anacortes Museum and Maritime Heritage Center>>
17  (17)  Burlington        
                         WS (
                         [[Skagit Cyclie Center]]
                         <<Sakuma Brothers Farm>>
                         (City Park)
                         WS (
                         <<Cascade Trail to Concrete, Eagle Haven Winery>>
30  (13)  Lyman                  
45  (15)  Concrete            
                         (Rasar SP, Creekside Camping, Concrete/ Grandy Creek KOA, Eagles Nest Motel & RV Park)
                         <<Challenger Ridge Winery, Old Concrete Factory>>
                         (Sutter Creek Rest Area- Free! past Rockport, Howard Miller Steelhead Park- $16)
                         <<Rockport State Park>>
61  (16)  Marblemount       
                         WS (
                         (Alpine RV Park & CG- $13)         
76  (15)  Newhalem         
                         (Goodell CG, Newhalem CG)
83  (7)  Diablo Lake      
                         (Gorge Lake CG, Colonial Creek CG)
                         (Lone Fir CG, Klipchuck CG, Early Winters CG)
135  (52)  Mazama               
                         WS (Bike shop-
                         (Klipchuck CG, Early Winters CG)
                         [[North Cascases Cycle Werks]]
                         <<Cedar Creek Falls>>
148  (13)  Winthrop             
                         WS (
                         (Riverbend RV Park- $25)    
                         [[Curtlo Cycles, Methow Cycle & Sport]]
                         <<Winthrop-Twisp Eastside Rd>>
                         <<Lost River Winery, North Cascase Smokejumper Base>>
                         <<White Buck Trading Co, Mack Lloyd Park,  Morning Glory Balloon Tours>>
157  (9)  Twisp                 
                         (Travis' Family)
                         WS ((
                         (Sportsman Motel)
                         (Loup Loup CG-X)
                         (Leader Lake CG- Free)
                         <<Confluence Art Gallery>>
188  (31)  Okanogan           
                         (Okanogan Fairgrounds CG-Free)
                         WS (
                         [[Bike Shop]]
                         WS (
                         (Carl Precht Memorial RV Park- $15)
200  (12)  Riverside         
                         (Margie's RV Park ($5)
217  (17)  Tonasket           
                         (Tonasket Visitors and Business Resource Center- Free, Shannon's Place- $3)
                         WS (
                         [[CJ Cycle]]
                         <<US Armed Forces Legacy Project>>
241  (24)  Wauconda         
                         (Sweat Creek CG)
258  (17)  Republic           
                         (Fairgrounds CG 3 miles east of town- $6)
                         WS (
                         (Sherman Pass CG, Canyon Creek CG)
                         <<Stonerose Interpretive Center and Eocene Fossil Site, Curlew State Park>>
301  (43)  Kettle Falls         
                         WS (
                         (Kettle Falls CG, Panorama RV Park & Storage, Grandview Inn Motel & RV Park)
310  (9)  Colville                 
                         WS (
                          (Flodelle CG, Lake Thomas CG, Beaver Lodge- $15, Lake Leo CG)            
                          [[Clark's All Sports]]
                         (Cedar Grove RV Park)
                         (Blueslide Resort)
377  (67)  Usk                  
                         (Calispell Creek RV Court)
                         <<Manresa Grotto>>
393  (16)  Newport           
                         (Head south of river to enter Sandpoint over bridge- adds 5 miles/less climb)
                         (Old American Kampground)
                         <<Pend Oreille County Museum>>
                 Priest River, ID
                         (Priest River CG)
                         (Round Lake State Park- $16)
422  (29)  Sandpoint            
                         WS (
                         (Shepherd Lake, Lake RV)
                         [[Greasy Fingers Bikes n Repair]]
                         <<Panida Theatre, Idaho Pour Authority, Bonner County Historical Museum, The Hive Concert Venue>>
                         (Trestle Creek RV Park, Pend Orielle RV Park, Sam Owen CG)
449  (27)  Clark Fork        
                         (Annie's Orchard, Dorr Skeels CG- $7)
                         WS (
                         [[Troy Bicycle Shop]]
                         <<Ross Creek Cedars Scenic Area>>
517  (68)  Libby                   
                         WS (
                         (Firemans Park CG- $10)
                         (Dunn Creek CG- FREE! Try for this in Libby! Blackwell Flats, Libby Dam)
                         (Rocky Gorge CG- $9, Peck Gulch CG- $9)
                         <<Libby Dam, Kootenai Aviation>>
579  (62)  Rexford                
                         WS (
                         (Rexford Bench CG- $9)
                         (City Park- $5, Riverside Park, Charlie's Cabin and MTB Hostel)
                         (North CG, North Dickey Lake CG)          
606  (27)  Stryker               
                         (The North Pohl's Family CG- $20)
                         (Spring Creek CG- Free, Dog Creek CG)
                         (Tally Lake CG, Whitefish Lake SP- $18/$10, Whitefish Bike Retreat)
                         WS (
                         <<Alpine Theatre Project, Frank Lloyd Wright, House of Mystery>>
646  (40)  Columbia Falls
                          (Mountain View RV Park, Glacier Peaks RV Park & CG, Teakettle CG, Western Inn & CG- $35, Columbia Falls RV Park)
                         [[Great Northern Cycle & Ski, Glacier Cyclery & Nordic]]
                         (Timber Wolf Resort- $28)
                        (Sundance CG- $20)
664  (18)  West Glacier     
                        (Glacier CG- $10, San-Suz-Ed RV Park- $34, West Glacier KOA- $40)
                        (Apgar CG- $20)                                                       
                        WS (
                         <<Glacier Heli-Tours, Hidden Lake Nature Trail, 
                 Going-to-the-Sun Road
                        (Sprague Creek CG- $20, Avalanche CG- $20, Rising Sun CG- $20)
(Detour to East Glacier (WS) by way of Essex/Hwy 2 cuts out 10 miles)
714  (50)  St. Mary             
                         (Saint Mary CG- $20, Johnson's CG & RV Park- $27, KOA- $35)
743  (29)  Browning           
                         (Sleeping Wolf CG- $20, Tipi Village- $80)
                         <<Museum of the Plains Indian>>
778  (35)  Cut Bank             
                         (Shady Grove CG, Riverview RV Park, Glacier Mist RV Park)
                         <<Glacier County Historical Museum>>
802  (24)  Shelby                 
                        (Glacier Motel & RV Park- $20, Lake Shel-Oole CG- $18, Lewis and Clark RV Park)
                         <<The Prairie Peddler, Marias Museum of History and Art>>
                        (Galata Motel & RV Park)
844  (42)  Chester                 
                        (City Park- $12)
865  (21)  Rudyard                  
                         City Park CG (Free)
                         RV Park ($5)
878  (13)  Gildford                  
                        (Reservoir 2.5 miles north with CGs)
907  (29)  Havre                      
                         (Pepin Park- Free)
                         (Great Northern Fairgrounds CG, Beaver Creek Park, Evergreen CG, Havre RV Park)
                        (Emporium Food & Fuel Store)
                         WS (
                         [[Havre Bicycle Center]]
                         <<Wahkpa Chu'gn Archaeological Site, Beneath the Streets, Fort Assinniboine>>
                         <<Triple Dog Brewery, High Line Heritage House Museum, Earl Clack Museum>> 
                         (Bear Paw Motel & Travel Court -$20)
                         <<Blaine County Museum, Bear Paw Battlefield>>
950  (43)  Harlem                 
                         (Harlem City Hall)
                         WS (
                 Fort Belknap Agency
979  (29)  Dodson                   
997  (18)  Malta                   
                         (Trafton Park CG- $3, Edgewater CG)
                         <<Lake Bowdoin, Great Plains Dinosaur Museum>>
1025  (28)  Saco                     
                         (City Park, Sleeping Buffalo Resort Campground)
1039  (14)  Hinsdale                 
1068  (29)  Glasgow               
                         (Trails West Campground, Shady Rest RV Park)
                         <<Pioneer Museum of Valley County>>
                         Detour to Ft. Peck (West End CG)
1083  (15)  Nashua                   
1099  (16)  Frazer                      
1118  (19)  Wolf Point           
                         (Rancho Motel & RV Park, RBW Campground)
Option 1 from Wolf Point            
1139  (21)  Poplar
                         (American Legion Park)
1153  (14)  Brockton
1172  (19)  Culbertson
                         (Bruegger Centennial Park- Free, Culbertson RV Park)
1187  (15)  Bainville
                         (Bike-N-Skate Garage in Williston),
                   Missouri/Yellowstone Confluence
1214  (27)  Fairview
                         (City Park)
1236  (22)  Alexander
                         (Tumbleweed Inn & RV Park)
1256  (20)  Watford City
                         (Town Park/Bennet CG)
1285  (29)  Grassy Butte
                         (Summit CG, CCC CG)
1311  (26)  Killdeer
                         (City Hall)
                         (S&W Mobile Home & RV Park)
1341  (30)  Dodge
1369  (28)  Hazen
                         (Lewis and Clark RV Park)
                         (Sakakawea Park CG- $11)        
1401  (32)  Washburn
                         (Northview RV Park)
1441  (40)  Bismarck
Option 2 from Wolf Point
1141  (23)  Vida                       
1172  (31)  Circle                   
                         (City Park or yard- ask at restaurant)
1198  (26)   Lindsay                   
1221  (23)  Glendive              
                         (Makoshika SP, Glendive CG, Green Valley CG)
                         WS (
1259  (38)  Wibaux                  
                        (Beaver Valley Haven RV & Cabins)
1273  (14)  Beach, ND               
                    Sentinal Butte
                         (Camel Hump CG, Buffalo Gap CG)
1298  (25)  Medora                  
                         (Medora CG, Red Trail CG)
                         [[Dakota Cyclery]]
1319  (21)  Belfield                  
                         (Trapper's Inn CG)
                   South Heart
1339  (20)  Dickinson              
                         (North Park CG, Camp On the Heart)
1362  (23)  Richardton              
                         (Father Odo at the Abbey- YES!!!, Schnell Recreation Area- $5)
                         WS (
1376  (14)  Hebron                      
                   Glen Ullin
1409  (33)  New Salem              
                         (Neidhardt RV Park)
1440  (31)  Bismarck 
                         (General Sibley Park- $10)              
                         (KOA, Hillcrest Acres CG)
                         WS (
                         (Fort Abraham Lincoln SP/General Custer lived here- south of town)
                         [[Broken Spoke Bike Shop]]
                         (A Prairie Breeze RV Park)
1469  (29)  Sterling                    
                         (Darnells RV Park)
1486  (17)  Steele                        
1517  (31)  Medina  
                         (Crystal Springs Camp, Cozy Corner Motel)de                 
1549  (32)  Jamestown              
                         (Jamestown CG, Frontier Front)
                         (Prairie Haven CG)
1574  (25)  Sanborn                    
                   Valley City
                         (Municipal Tourist Park- $10)
1603  (29)  Tower City              
                         (Tower Motel & Camping)
1627  (24)  Casselton                
                         (Governors' RV Park, Town Park)
1651  (24)  Fargo                        
                         (Josh's Friend)
                         (Lindenwood CG- $28, Buffalo River SP, Moorhead KOA)
                         WS (
                         [[FM Community Bicycle Workshop, Great Northern Bicycle Company]]                     _________________________________________________________________________________
1676  (25)  Barnesville
1690  (14)  Rothsay
1708  (18)  Fergus Falls
                        (Delagoon Park- $10, Swan Lake Resort- $32)
                        [[Central Lakes Cycle, Craig's Bicycle Repair]]
1728  (20)  Ashby
                         (Ashby Resort & CG- $25)                        
                         WS (
1675  (24)  Wolverton                
                         [[D & J's Bike Shop]]
1706  (31)  Doran                       
                         Josh Deal
1744  (38)  Ashby                    
                         (Ashby Resort & CG- $25)                        
                         WS (
1771  (27)  Alexandria              
                         (Don's Lakeview RV Park- $25, Oak Park CG)
                         [[Jake's Bikes]]
                         (Shady Oaks CG, Two Mile CG, Sportsman's Motel & RV Park- $25)
                   West Union
1796  (25)  Sauk Centre            
                         (Sinclair Lewis CG- $15, Big Sauk Resort)
                         [[Bicycle Service Centre LLC]]
1823  (27)  Avon                         
                   St. Joseph
                         WS (
1839  (16)  St Cloud                
                         (St Cloud CG & RV Park- $30)
                         WS (
                         [[Rod's Bike Shop, Fitzharris Ski and Sport]]
                         [[Erik's Bike Ski Board, Revolution Cycle and Ski]]
1853  (14)  Clearwater              
                         (St Cloud/Clearwater RV Park- $32)
                         (MN Airstream Park- north in Clear Lake)
                         (RiversEdge RV Park- north in Becker)
                         WS (
1869  (16)  Monticello            
                         (River Terrace Park)
                         WS (
                         [[B L Used Bike Shop]]
                  Otsego/ Elk River
                         (Wapiti Park CG- $26)
1888  (19)  Anoka                  
                   Coon Rapids
                         (John Hayden!!)
                         [[Erik's - Bike, Ski, Board]]
1913  (25)  Minneapolis/St Paul
                         [[Lots of Bike Shops]]
1949  (36)  Prescott 36
                         [[Bicycle Bobs]]
                   Diamond Bluff
1971  (22)  Hager City/Red Wing
                         (Bike route on WI side)
                         (Frontenac SP)
                         (Hideaway CG- $15, Island CG & Marina- $24)
                          WS (
                         [[This Old Bike]]
                         (Awesome bridge into Wabasha)
2002  (31)  Wabasha                    
                         (Pioneer Campsite- $25, Big River Resort)
                         (Across river in Alma- Great River Harbor CG0
                         [[River Rider Cycle & Specialty]]
2028  (26)  Minnesota City          
                         (Merrick State Park)
                         (Prairie Island CG- $20, Pla-Mor at the CG- $20) 
                         WS (
                         ( Winona Catholic Worker
                         [[Brone's Bike Shop in Fountain City]]
                         [[Adventure Cycle and Ski, Kolter Bicycle and Fitness Inc]]
2051  (23)  Trempealeau              
                         (Perrot SP)
                         WS (
2067  (16)  Onalaska                  
                         (Goose Island CG- $20)
                         [[River Trail Cycles, Blue Heron Bicycle Works LLC]]
                  West Salem
                         (Veterans Memorial Park- $20)
2085  (18)  Rockland                     
                         (Leon Valley CG- $22)
                         [[Speeds Bicycle & Electric Motor]]
2104  (19)  Norwalk                      
                         (Tunnel Trail CG- $35)
2119  (15)  Kendall                        
                         (Allen Thompson Memorial Park- $14, EO Schultz Park- Elroy Commons Trail Shop)
                         [[Elroy Commons Trail Shop]]
2132  (13)  Wonewoc                  
                         (Chapparal CG- $30)
                         [[Beyond Boundaries]]
                   La Valle
2147  (15)  Reedsburg                
                         (Lighthouse Rock CG)
                   Rock Springs
2164  (17)  Baraboo                    
                         (Devil's Lake SP- $13,  Wheeler's CG- $28, Nordic Pines CG- $21)
                         WS (
                         [[Wildside Adventure Co]]
2181  (17)  Prairie Du Sac/Sauk City
                         (Snuffy's CG)
2208  (27)  Madison                    
                         (Lake Farm CG- $18)
                         (Stacy's fam?)
                         WS (Lots of options)
                         [[Lots of Bike Shops]]
2234  (26)  Cambridge                  
                         WS (
                         [[Camrock Cafe and Sport]]
2245  (11)  Fort Atkinson          
                         (Pilgrim's CG- $28)
                         WS (
                         [[2 Rivers Bicycle and Outdoor]]
                         [[BicycleWise and Sports Fitness, Quiet Hut Sports, Trek USA]]
2273  (28)  Elkhorn                     
                         WS (
                         [[Cycles Plus Inc]]
2282  (9)  Lake Geneva            
                          (Big Foot Beach SP, 
                         WS (
                         [[Pedal & Cup, Midwest Action Cycle Inc, RRB Cycles]]
                  Powers Lake
                  Twin Lakes
                         (Woodland Melody Park)
2305  (23)  Antioch, IL               
                         [[Antioch Bicycles & Parts, Antioch Schwinn Cyclery]]
                         [[Zion Cyclery]]
                         [[Midwest Bicycles & Billiards]]
                   North Chicago
                   Lake Bluff
                         [[Activator Cycles]]
                   Lake Forest
                         [[Kiddles Sports]]
                   Highland Park
                         [[Higher Gear, Alberto's Cycles, Performance Bicycle]]
                         [[Green Bay Cycles]]
                         [[RRB Cycles]]
                         [[Higher Gear, Wilmette Bicycle & Sports Shop Inc, Velosmith Bicycle Studio, Inc]]
                         [[Wheel & Sprocket, Bucephalus Bikes, We Fix Bikes, The Pony Shop]]
2365  (61)  Chicago                    
                         [[Lots of Bike Shops]]
                   East Chicago, IN
2396  (30)  Gary
                         (Jellystone Park- $33)
                         (Indiana Dunes SP- $10-$18, Dunewood CG- $18)
                         [[Chesterton Bicycle Station]]
2418  (22)  Beverly Shores          
                         WS (
                  Michigan City
                         (Michigan City CG- $31)
                         [[My Bike of Michigan City, Bike Stop Cycling & Fitness]]
                         WS (
2435  (25)  Rolling Prairie            
                         (Mini-Mountain CG- $26)
                         WS (New Carlisle-
2463  (20)  Gulivoire Park           
                         WS (
                         (Potato Creek State Park- $10-$18)
2487  (24)  Goshen                      
                         WS (
                         [[Chain Reaction Bicycle Project, Lincoln Avenue Cycling and Fitness]]
                         [[Westside Bike Shop, Bicycle Exchange in Ligonier]]
                  Wolcottville/Rome City
                         (Atwood Lake CG- $18, Indian Lakes CG)
2525  (38)  Kendallville            
                         (Bixler Lake CG-$17) 
2547  (22)  Butler                       
                         WS (
                  Edgerton, OH
                         (Kimpels Hickory Acres CG)
                         (Hidden Valley CG- $20)
2589  (42)  Napolean                  
                         WS (
                         [[Zachrich's Trading Post]]
                  Grand Rapids
                         [[Memory Lane Classics]]
2615  (26)  Bowling Green        
                         (Rachel!) (Fire Lake Camper Park)
                         WS (
                         [[Cycle Werks]]
2646  (31)  Fremont                  
                         [[Fremont Cycle and Fitness]]
                         (Eagle Lake Camping Resort)
                         <<White Star Quarry- Scuba>>
                         <<Cedar Point>>
                         (Leafy Oaks CG- $22)
2663  (17)  Bellevue                  
                         (Gotta Getaway RV Park- $25)
2676  (13)  Norwalk                  
                         [[Excel Bike & Fitness]]
2700  (24)  Wellington              
                         (Findley State Park- $22, Panther Trails)
2710  (10)  Litchfield                   
                         WS (
                         (Sunset Lake CG- $27, Pier-lon Park- $30)
                         [[Century Cycles, Edge Outdoors, Bicycle Shop- Medina]]
2733  (23)  Wadsworth                
                         WS (
                         (Portage Lake State Park- $22)
                         [[R-D Bike Shop, Bisesi's Bicycle & Fitness Center]]
2753  (20)  Uniontown                 
                         WS (
                         (Yogi Bear's Jellystone- $61)
                         (Cutty's Sunset- $36)
2771  (18)  Alliance                  
                         (Paradise Lake Park- $23, Guilford Lake SP, Timashamie Family CG)
                         (Travel south to Lisbon for WS stay halfway point between Akron/Pitt)
                         (Beaver Creek State Park CG)
                         [[Lisbon Rail to Trail Cycle Shop, Donna's Bicycle Shop]]
2795  (24)  Columbiana              
2805  (10)  East Palestine            
                   Chippewa, PA
2820  (15)  Fallston/ New Brighton
                         [[Denali Cycles, Snitger's Bicycle Store]]
                         [[Ambridge Bike & Sports Center]]  
2837  (17)  Sewickley                  
                         WS (
                         [[Bicycle Exchange]]
                         [[Bicycle Heaven]]
2853  (16)  Pittsburgh                 
                         (WS, Hotel)
                         [[REI, Kindred Cycles, Love Bikes, Kraynick's Bike Shop]]
                         [[Iron City Bikes, Ted's Excellent Bike Repair]]
Great Alleghany Passage and C & O Canal Towpath to D.C.- 329 miles. Desired route, but further.
                         [[Zak's Speed Shop]]
                  Buena Vista
                         (Dravo's Landing near Dravo Cemetery MP 122- FREE)
2887  (34)  West Newton            
                         (Youghiogheny Canoe Outfitters & Camping- $16)
                         (Cedar Creek Park MP 110- FREE)
                         [[West Newton Bicycle Shop]]
                         (Hazelbaker Bottom Yough Outfitters MP 102)
                         (Roundbottom CG MP 99- FREE)
                         (KOA River's Edge CG MP 92- $24)
                         (Stewarts Crossing CG MP 88/89- FREE)
                         [[Bikes Unlimited]]
                         (Kentuck CG- $17)
2941  (54)  Confluence              
                         (Outflow Camping Area Corps of Engineers! MP 62, Wendy World CG)
                         [[Confluence Cyclery]]              
                         (Huston's Hickory Hollow CG MP 45- $27)
                         (Husky Haven CG MP 43- $10/person)
2968  (27)  Garrett                      
2991  (23)  Frostburg, MD        
                         (Trail Inn B&B CG MP 15- $25)
                  Mt. Savage
3007  (16)  Cumberland              
                         (YMCA Camping- $10/person)
                         (Evitts Creek H/B MP 180.7- Free)
                         (Iron Mountain H/B MP 175.4- Free)
                         (Pigmans Ferry H/B MP 169.2- Free)
                         [[Cumberland Trail Connection
                         (Potomac Forks H/B MP 164.8- Free)
                         (Town Creek H/B MP 162.1- Free)
3035  (28)  Paw Paw                  
                         (Purslane Run H/B MP 156.9- Free)
                         (Paw Paw Tunnel CG MP 156.2- $10)
                         (Sorrel Ridge H/B MP 154.1- Free)
                         (Stockpile Hill H/B MP 149.4- Free)
                         (Devil's Alley H/B MP 144.5- Free)
                         (Indego Neck H/B MP 139.2- Free)
                         (Cacapon Junction H/B MP 133.6- Free)
                         (Leopards Mill H/B MP 129.8- Free)
                         (White Rock H/B MP 126.4- Free)
3068  (33)  Hancock                    
                         (Little Pool H/B MP 120.4- Free)
                         (Licking Creek H/B MP 116)
                         [[C & O Bicycle]]
                  Big Pool
                         (Fort Frederick SP MP 112.1)
                         <<Fort Frederick- pre-revolutionary fort>>
                         (North Mountain H/B MP 109.6- Free)
                         (Jordan Junction H/B MP 101.20- Free)
3093  (25)  Williamsport            
                         [[River City Cycles Inc]]
                  Falling Waters
                         (Cumberland Valley HB MP 95.2- Free)
                         (Opequon Junction HB MP 90.0- Free)
                         (Big Woods HB MP 82.5- Free )
                         (Horseshoe BendHB MP 79.9- Free)
                         (Killiansburg CaveHB MP 75.3- Free)
                  Shepherdstown, WV
                         (Antietam Creek- $10)
                         [[Shepherdstown Pedal & Paddle]]                      
3127  (34)  Harpers Ferry, WV  
                         (Huckleberry Hill HB MP 62.9- Free)
                         [[The Outfitter at Harpers Ferry]]
                         <<River Riders Inc & Appalachian Trail Conservancy HQ>>
                         (Bald Eagle Island HB MP 50.3- Free)
                         [[Three Points Cycle on the C&O Canal Trail]]
3141  (14)  Point of Rocks          
                         (Calico Rocks HB MP 47.6- Free)
                         (Indian Flats HB MP 42.4- Free)
                         (Marble Quarry HB MP 37.8- Free)
                         (Turtle Run HB MP 34.5- Free)
                         (Chisel Branch HB MP 30.5- Free)
                         (Horsepen Branch HB MP 26- Free)
                  Great Falls, VA
                         (Swains Lock #21 M 16.6)
3181  (40)  Cabin John                
                   Glen Echo
                   Foxhall Crescent
3191  (10)  Lincoln Memorial      
                   Washington D.C.
3226  (35)  Annapolis                
Alternate, shorter route from Pittsburgh.
                  West Mifflin
2870  (17)  White Oak                
2886  (16)  Greensburg               
                         WS (
2909  (23)  Laughlintown            
2925  (16)  Stoystown                 
2953  (28)  Bedford                     
2971  (18)  Breezewood              
2988  (17)  Mcconnellsburg        
3015  (27)  Hagerstown, MD       
                         WS (
                         WS (
3039  (24)  Frederick                   
                         WS (
3062  (23)  Gaithersburg             
                         WS (
3078  (16)  Bethesda                   
3086  (8)   Washington D.C.         
3121  (35)  Annapolis