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Taken from our Razoo fundraiser website.

"A few years ago, we cycled some 8 miles around Mackinac Island and our love for seeing the world from the seat of a bicycle was born. Since then, we have cycled nearly 3000 miles around the entire coastline of Lake Michigan and the Pacific Coast. After we fell in love with bicycle touring, it became a dream of ours to cycle across the US. This dream is finally becoming a reality next summer.

We benefit greatly from these tours in ways we never thought possible. Along with an incredible sense of accomplishment upon completion, we feel invigorated and empowered by the struggle to finish. We have also developed invaluable teamwork and communication skills that form the foundation of our relationship. We felt strongly that we should share the fruits of this tour and decided to dedicate our ride to and raise funds for WAI-IAM - a non-profit organization based in Lansing that assists and supports those struggling with addiction in a variety of ways.

In coordination with the President and Co-Founder of WAI-IAM, Corey Warren, we have decided to create "The David McLoughlin Memorial Scholarship." The majority of the funds raised will be dedicated to funding the scholarship with a percentage of the funds supporting their Life Skills Courses as well.

The David McLoughlin Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to at least one person every month after completing a minimum of 14 days at a residential treatment center and pay for their first month's stay at a RISE Transitional Home. This will allow a person without the necessary funds to focus on their sobriety first rather than immediately finding employment to pay for their stay.

The Life Skills Courses help members build the necessary skills to rejoin society as a productive, drug and alcohol-free, citizen. The skills they help to build range from obtaining employment with interview training and resume building, to budgeting and finance, and to health and wellness.

This cause is close to our hearts because of the struggle that Ethan's younger sister endured with drug and alcohol addiction. Transitional housing played an enormously important role in her recovery and we're proud to say that she is now 4 years sober.

The scholarship is titled to honor Ethan's late grandfather, David McLoughlin. He was instrumental in Ethan's sister's rehabilitation and spared no expense to get her the treatment she needed. Without his help, her path to recovery could have taken a much different route. The goal of this scholarship is to offer that same opportunity to others in need of similar support.

You can learn more about WAI-IAM by visiting their website at WAI-IAM, Inc.

100% of your tax-deductible donation will go towards WAI-IAM and we thank you for your kindness and generosity."

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