Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day to Day Route

          Day 1: 76 miles Gradual from 7-502 ft
Newhalem (Newhalem Creek CG or Gorge Lake CG!)
          Day 2: 81 miles 1st half- climb up to 5,449 and 2nd half downhill
Twisp (Travis' family) (WS) (Loup Loup CG)
          Day 3: 61 miles Quick climb to 4,019 then down to 827 and flat rest of way
Tonasket (Tonasket Visitors and Business Resource Center or Shannon's Place)
          Day 4: 72 miles Gradual climb to 4,318 over 30 miles, then descent 
Kettle Falls (Sherman Pass CG or Canyon Creek CG)
          Day 5: 78 miles Climb to 5,502 over 1st third and then descent
Cusick (Panhandle CG)
          Day 6: 93 miles
Clark Fork (WS- Annie's Orchard!)
          Day 7: 72 miles
Libby (Dunn Creek CG)(WS)
          Day 8: 68 miles Small climb about 12 miles in & then lots of short hills
Eureka (Riverside Park or City Park)
          Day 9: 82 miles 800 ft of climbing (Combine with next day to make West Glacier)
West Glacier (WS)(Apgar CG, Avalanche CG is 16 miles from West Glacier)
          Day 10: 48 miles Going-to-the-Sun Road - 3000 ft climb
St. Mary (Rising Sun CG, St Mary CG, Johnson's CG, KOA)
          Day 11: 63 miles 1500 ft of climbing and then gradual descent most of way
Cut Bank (Shady Grove CG, Riverview RV Park, Glacier Mist RV Park)
          Day 12: 66 miles Gradual descent most of the way
Chester (Chester City Park)
          Day 13: 61 miles Gradual descent most of the way
Havre (Pepin Park) (WS)
          Day 14: 90 miles Gradual descent most of the way
Malta (Trafton Park, Edgewater CG)
          Day 15: 70 miles Generally flat
Glasgow (Trails West CG, Shady Rest RV Park)(West End CG- 17 miles off route, but on lake)
          Day 16: 71 miles Generally flat. 500 ft of climbing near 56-65 mi 
Poplar (American Legion Park)
          Day 17: 74 miles
Fairview (City Park)
          Day 18: 97 miles via i94 (76 on side roads) 
Killdeer (City Hall)
          Day 19: 57 miles
Stanton (Sakakawea Park CG)
          Day 20: 63 miles
Bismarck (General Sibley Park or Fort Abraham Lincoln SP) (WS)
          Day 21: 75 miles
Medina (Crystal Springs Camp, Cozy Corners Motel, post office, school)
          Day 22: 69 miles
Valley City (Municipal Tourist Park)
          Day 23: 63 miles
Fargo (WS, Dinner Ties) (Buffalo River SP) (Josh's Friend, Katie)
          Day 24: 58 miles
Fergus Falls (Delagoon Park)
          Day 25: 58 miles
Osakis (Two Mile Trailer Parking)
          Day 26: 56 miles
St Cloud (WS) (St Cloud CG & RV Park)
          Day 27: 56 miles
Coon Rapids/Twin Cities (John Hayden)
          Day 28: 75 miles
Red Wing (Frontenac State Park) (WS)
          Day 29: 67 miles
Winona (Prairie Island CG or Pla-Mor CG & Marina) (WS)
          Day 30: 76 miles
Wilton (Tunnel Trail Campground)
          Day 31: 50 miles
Baraboo (Devil's Lake SP) (WS)
          Day 32: 87 miles
Fort Atkinson (Pilgrim's CG) (WS in Cambridge)
          Day 33: 66 miles
Antioch (FAMILY)
          Day 34: 55 miles
Lincoln Park, Chicago (FAMILY)
          Day 35: 56 miles
Beverly Shores (Indiana Dunes SP) (Push for Potato Creek SP- 94 miles) (WS)
          Day 36: 69 miles
Goshen (4H Fairgrounds) (Push for Indian Lakes CG or Gordon's CG) (WS)
          Day 37: 59 miles
Butler (WS) (Kimpel's Hickory Acres CG)
          Day 38: 66 miles
Bowling Green (Rachel) (White Star Quarry)
          Day 39: 55 miles
Sandusky (Camp Sandusky) (Call Cedar Point)
          Day 40: 74 miles
Wadsworth (Portage Lake SP) (WS)
          Day 41: 63 miles
Lisbon (Beaver Creek SP CG) (WS)
          Day 42: 61 miles
Pittsburgh (Friends) (WS/Hotel)
          Day 43: 86 miles
Confluence (Outflow Camping Area- Army Corps of Engineers)
          Day 44: 63 miles
Cumberland, MD (Evitts Creek CG)
          Day 45: 71 miles
Big Pool (North Mountain H/B)
          Day 46: 61 miles
Point of Rocks (Calico Rocks H/B)
          Day 47: 50 miles
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. (Friends)
          Day 43: 35 miles
Greensburg (WS)
          Day 44: 59 miles
Schellsburgh (Shawnee Sleepy Hollow CG)
          Day 45: 80 miles
Hagerstown (WS)
          Day 46: 75 miles
Washington D.C. (Friends)

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