Monday, January 26, 2015

Natchez Trace Parkway

We are going on a 440 mile trip from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee for spring break. There are a few reasons for the trip. We need to make sure all of our biking and camping gear is in working order before the big trip over the summer. It will also kick start our training efforts to get ready for the big trip. Lastly, it is an area of the country that we are not very familiar with and would love to get to know better. The Natchez Trace Parkway is supposed to have a wealth of history to it and we are excited to learn more about it.

Meet Emily at the Garrison Creek Visitor Center and leave our car there. Contact park office to let them know we will be leaving it over night. Em is going to drive us to Natchez, Mississippi from there.

0                       Natchez
38   (38)          Grand Gulf Military Park ($5- 10 miles from parkway)
55   (17)           Rocky Springs CG (free)
94   (39)           Jackson, MS (45 miles to WS)
                                      (Timberlake Campground- $17)
125 (31)           Ratliff Ferry Trading Post and Campground
160 (35)          Kosciusko CG (free)
194 (34)          Jeff Busby CG (free)
235 (41)          Witch Dance CG (bike only- free)
261 (26)          Tupelo, MS (WS)
267 (6)            Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center (bikes only- free)
328 (61)          Colbert Ferry CG (bicycle only- free)
356 (28)          Collinwood, TN (WS)
387 (31)           Meriwether Lewis CG (free)
409 (22)          Tennessee Hwy 50 CG (free)
429 (20)          Garrison Creek Visitor Center (No camping- parking area)
442 (13)          Northern Terminus

MP 0               Natchez, MS
                                 <Grand Village of the Natchez>
MP 5.1            Washington, MS
                                 <<Elizabeth Female Academy Ruins and Historic Jefferson College>>          
MP 8.7                     <<Old Trace Exhibit Shelter>>
MP 10.3                   <<Emerald Mound>>
MP 15.5                   <<Mount Locust>>
MP 37.7          Port Gibson [Food- near Trace]
MP 41.5                   <<The Sunken Trace>>
MP 45.7                   <<Mangum Mound and Grindstone Ford>>
MP 52.4                   <<Owens Creek Waterfall>>
MP 54.8          Rocky Springs CG (free)
MP 61                      <<Lower Choctaw Boundary>>
MP 73.5                   <<Dean Stand>>
MP 78.3                   <<Battle of Raymond>>
MP 79            Raymond [Food- 3 miles from Trace]
MP 88.1                   <<Cowles Mead Cemetery>>
MP 89            Clinton [Food/information- near Trace]
MP 93.1                   <<Osburn Stand>>
MP 100           Jackson, MS (WS)
MP 100.7                 <<Choctaw Agency>>
MP 102.4                 <<Parkway Information Cabin>>
MP 103.4        Madison [Food- near Trace]
MP 104.5                 <<Brashear's Stand and Old Trace>>
MP 105.6                 <<Ross Barnet Reservoir>>
MP 106.9                 <<Boyd Mounds>>
MP 107.9                 <<West Florida Boundary>>
MP 122                    <<Cypress Swamp>>
MP 122.6                 <<River Bend>>
MP 123.8        Ratliff Ferry Trading Post and Campground
MP 128.4                 <<Upper Choctaw Boundary>>
MP 135.5                 <<Robinson Road>>
MP 140                    <<Red Dog Road>>
MP 159           Kosciusko CG (bikes only- free)
MP 160           Kosciusko [Food/info- near Trace]
MP 175.6                 <<Cole Creek>>
MP 176.3                 <<Bethel Mission>>
MP 180.7        French Camp Historic District [Food- near Trace]
MP 193.1        Jeff Busby CG (free)
MP 195.5        HWY 9 [Food- near Trace]
MP 198.6                 <<Old Trace>>
MP 203.5                 <<Pigeon Roost Creek>>
MP 204.5        Mathiston [Food- 1 mile east]
MP 213.3                 <<Line Creek>>
MP 219.6        Mantee [Food- near Trace]
MP 221.4                 <<Old Trace>>
MP 229.3         Houston [3 miles west]
MP 232.4                 <<Bynum Mound and Village>>
MP 234           Witch Dance CG (bike only- free)
MP 243.1                 <<Owl Creek Indian Mounds- mile off Trace>>
MP 245.6                 <<Monroe Mission>>
MP 249.6                 <<Tockshish>>
MP 251.1                 <<Chickasaw Council House>>
MP 251.6       Pontocola Road [Food- near Trace]
MP 251.9                 <<Black Belt Overlook>>
MP 255.7        Verona [Food- east 1 mile]
MP 259.7                 <<Battle of Tupelo- mile off Trace>>
                                 <<Elvis Presley Birthplace and Tupelo Automobile Museum>>
MP 260           Tupelo, MS (WS)[Food]
MP 261.8                 <<Chickasaw Village Site>>
MP 263.9                 <<Old Town Overlook>>
MP 266           Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center (bikes only- free)
MP 269.4                 <<Small Confederate Cemetery on Old Trace>>
MP 270.7        Saltillo [Food- 3 miles]
MP 275.2                 <<Dogwood Valley>>
MP 278.4                 <<Twentymile Bottom Overlook>>
MP 283.3                 <<Donivan Slough>>
MP 286.7                 <<Pharr Mounds>>
MP 293.2                 <<Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway>>
MP 293.4                 <<Bay Springs Lake>>
MP 302                    <<Tishomingo, MS>>
MP 304.5        Tishomingo State Park [Food]
MP 308.4                 <<Cave Spring>>
MP 308.8                 <<Bear Creek Mound>>
MP 308.9                 <<Alabama-Mississippi State Line>>
MP 313                    <<Bear Creek>>
MP 317                    <<Freedom Hills Overlook>>
MP 320.3                 <<Buzzard Roost Spring>>
MP 327           Colbert Ferry CG (bicycle only- free)
MP 327.3                 <<Colbert's Stand and Ferry>>
MP 328.4                 <<Tennessee River>>
MP 330.2                 <<Rock Spring Nature Trail>>
MP 338                    <<Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall>>
MP 341.8                 <<Alabama-Tennessee State Line>>
MP 350.5                 <<Sunken Trace>>
MP 350.7        TN HWY 13 [Food- near Trace]
MP 352.9                 <<McGlamery Stand>>
MP 355           Collinwood, TN (WS) [Food]
MP 357.8                 <<Old Trace Drive>>
MP 363                    <<Sweetwater Branch>>
MP 364.5                 <<Glenrock Branch>>
MP 367.3                 <<Dogwood Mudhole>>
MP 385.9        Meriwether Lewis CG (free)
MP 391.9                 <<Fall Hallow Trail- waterfalls>>
MP 401.4                 <<Tobacco Farm and Old Trace Drive>>
MP 404.7                 <<Jackson Falls>>
MP 407.7                 <<Gordon House Historic Site>>
MP 407.8        Centerville [Food- 1 mile]
MP 408           Tennessee Hwy 50 CG (free)
MP 415.4        Fly [Food- 1.7 miles east]
MP 423.9                 <<Valley Divide>>
MP 427.6                 <<Garrison Creek Visitor Center>>
MP 429           Leipers Fork [Food- 1 mile east]
MP 438                    <<Birdsong Hollow>>
MP 442                    <<Northern Terminus>>

Northbound on the Natchez Trace Parkway

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