Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mackinac Island

around the island
self-timer near our bikes
The main reason for bringing the bikes with us was to take them on to Mackinac Island. The Tahquamenon Falls Ramble was just a plus to be able to do. It cost $8 to take the bikes on the ferry, but it would have cost approximately $30 to rent a bike for the day. We started off just walking around the island seeing some things right around the ferry docks. We hung out in front of the fort for a while and Skye managed to leave her water bottle there, but we found it 20 minutes later. We biked in to the middle of the island where we saw Arch Rock, Sugarloaf Rock, and Fort Holmes. On our way back, we stopped by the Grand Hotel. We decided to go on the 8 mile bike ride around the entire circumference of the island. We saw Arch Rock again and stopped on the rock beach for a while. There were also a ton of man-made rock formations on the beach. People would stack up random rocks around into neat formations. There was one that was seven or eight feet high. We would have stopped and taken a picture, but EVERYONE was doing that. We hung out around the ferry docks some more and did some touristy shopping and Skye got a sweatshirt. We took the ferry back and biked back to our campsite from Mackinaw City because we missed the shuttle. We had biked about 20 miles when the day was over.

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