Friday, July 9, 2010

Old Mission Point

gotta support the Red Wings everywhere
We went on this bike ride on our second camping trip of the summer. We spent the first night of our vacation at our friend's house in Buckley and the second night at our friend's uncle's place on Traverse Bay. We left that morning and drove to Peninsula Township Park, which is halfway up the peninsula. Skye wasn't feeling the full 40 miles around the peninsula so we cut it in half. That was definitely a good decision. We got to the park and discovered our watermelon had gone rotten and it left a horrific smell in the car. It took weeks to get out. We hit some dirt roads that turned into sandy roads at times, which caused some troubles. Bike wheels don't spin very well in sand. Old Mission Point was our target and halfway point of the trip. We stopped there for over an hour to take in the scenery and snack on some food. We ran into a couple looking for "hidden treasures," which turned out to be geocaching. I had never heard of it before and really liked it. The website is and my blog about my trips is Geocache Gas Free! The return trip was almost the exact same. We biked a total of 17 miles that day.

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  1. Good luck with your trip Ethan and Skye. I hope you have a blast. Stay safe, I'll come pick you up if you need it.