Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Almost there...

We left Warren Dunes state park this morning eager to make it to Saugatuck and only have one more day of riding. It was much cooler today, which was nice, but yesterday's heat had taken it's toll on us. The going was a bit slow today and we made several stops to refuel. On of the first we made was at a Meijer gas station (we both did a fist pump when we pulled in... Definitely made us feel at home). We grabbed a pre-made sub, some fruit and a Gatorade. T'was delicious! The rest of the day we pretty hard with the wind in our faces and our legs feeling like jello. Not to mention our hands are going numb and malfunctioning - is this a common problem for bikers? We have no idea, but hope it goes away soon. We got to Saugatuck around dinner time and as we rolled into town we were both taken aback by the wonderous smell of barbecue. We had to stop. The place that we smelled was called The Hickory Pit and while it was no Daddy D's it sure was good. While we were there we realized that all the hotels were either booked or outrageously expensive, so we decided to head for Holland. We got some frozen yogurt before we left of course.. Yum! We made it to the camp ground a few miles north of Holland just as it got dark. Another close call day. 82 miles in all today gives us about 44 miles to end tomorrow. :-) couldn't be more excited to sleep in our own bed, eat tons of food and chill with the fam!

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