Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Windy City

After a good nights sleep, a great breakfast and quick trip to WalMart we set out for the big city. We only had 50 miles so it was going to be the shortest riding day we'd had in a while.yay! We started off on some pretty busy roads, but found a bike path that went south which is where we needed to go. We took that to Evanston where we ate delicious Jimmy Johns. It was 8 miles from there to Surf St where Stevie, Kolt, Deanna, and Jordan live. We took the Lakeshore trail part of the way which was very busy but nice. We got passed by lots of road bikers who clearly had not just their bikes 750 miles with 40lbs of stuff on them.:-) we made it to Surf St around 6. We took showers, went to dinner with Deanna and Kolt and watched a movie. It was a not so typical night that we thouroughly enjoyed!! Took the day off today... Heading for Michigan tomorrow!!

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