Sunday, July 3, 2011

Longest day ever. Ever.

Welllll today was super long. We met this dude from Wyoming who was doing a cross country tour. If was shirtless and he clearly did not bring his toothbrush on his journey. Hello gingivitus(sp?)! Anywho we chatted it up with him about our tour and blah blah blah and said our goodbye's, but not before my bike slipped off the curb sending me flying off. Embarrassing? Yes! He came back to check on me, which was nice of him. Thennn if went on our merry way ridging along the beautiful coast of northernmost Lake Michigan. Pulled into a rest stop to pee and met another dude (who shared the same beliefs and the Wyoming guy about oral hygiene. Hmmm) who was also doing a LK Mich tour. Very odd bird but nice. We told him we'd see him in the Windy City and if took a picture of us. Weird? Then we rode and sweat and took breaks of rode and sweat and got scortched by the sun. It was one of those days where on amount of SPF was going to save us. We FINALLY made it to Manistique and asked the owner of a motel about camping. He didn't know of any place so he let us tent in the yard of the motel. Hooray! We dropped our crap and went to the grocery for some gourmet food in cans. T'was delicious! Getting an early start tomorrow so we can have plenty of time in Escanaba to celebrate the independence of this wonderful country. Til then -Skye

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