Monday, July 4, 2011

Escanaba in da moonlight?

So we woke up at the buttcrack of dawn and headed out for Escanaba. We found a place to fill up water barely a mile from where we stayed. And wouldn't ya know?! This couple comes up and wants to know every stinkin detail of our trip. AND they took a pick of us (2nd person!). Small annoyances aside we really like that people take an interest in what we are doing. It seems that they come to respect us in a way that older ppl don't usually show younger folk such as ourselves. Not to mention none of them think we are nuts!  They love us! Enough to give us free ice cream, take our pic, give us insider info on places to stay and eat and even let us camp on their lawn. Who knew!? Anyway, we rode 65miles today to bring our total to 399. We are awesome! Coincidentally that is the number of saves Ethan racked up during the entirety of his college soccer career. We made it to Escanaba pretty early so we ate at a place called Drifters (coincidence? Nope. We feel like drifters sometimes) and showered. At the end of this blessed day of independence from those crazy tax raising Brits we watched a total of 6 different sets of fireworks going off across the bay. Great way to spend the evening. Time for bed. Wisconson here we come! -SkyEthan

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