Monday, July 11, 2011

IL-IN-MI... We made it back.

Hooray!! We made it back to Michigan. We rode 85 miles through two states! After some much needed relaxing we were ready to put Chicagoland to our backs. But when we woke up it was "monsoon" raining and thundering. So we delberated about whether to stay or go... Obviously we decided to leave. The storm had stopped and the weather report showed mostly cloudy skies. After our wonderous rest in Chicago our legs were feeling great. The biggest problem we faced was the heat. But we made sure to drink plenty of water and stopped in the shade as much as possible. We made it to Indiana Dunes state park in good time so we decided to press on. But when we got to the place we decided to keep going. We overestimated the daylight left a little and rode in the dark for a while til we got there. We used our flashlight to let cars know we were there. Not recommended! But we made it just fine and our currently listening to a raccoon rustle around in the woods next to the tent. Hope he stays in there! Two more days of riding!!

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