Friday, July 1, 2011

Our "days off"

We've wanted some "days off" on our trip and I think were counting today and tomorrow as those. We 'only' biked 47 miles today to bring our total to 217 miles in four days. Not sure what it was about today, but the riding was much easier. We played around with drafting and had some really nice hills with the wind at our back which helped. I even got up to 36 mph today and we averaged 9.6 mph. We went from Torch through Charlevoix and Petoskey and are currently staying at Crooked River. There is only one other couple tenting here, the rest are RVers, and they have two blow up mattresses stacked... so jealous.

Tomorrow we have a short 25 miles to Mackinaw City so its another "day off." Come see us!!!!!

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