Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's really hot hot hot

7/30 Day 19 - When we woke up the sun was shining and we were excited to see more Redwoods. We rode on the Avenue of Giants for about 12 miles. It was pretty hot so right before we got on 101 we pulled over to check out a swimming spot on the river. It looked really cold to me and seemed like a lot of work to go swimming, but Ethan decided it would be worth it. There was also a place to jump off into the river. So we hung out there for a while and Ethan jumped off the rock. After that we headed out on 101.

We rode on 101 for a while until a tiny town called Redway. A couple that we have been on the same route as for a while told us that we could avoid a really big hill. Well we didn't exactly avoid the hill, but at least we weren't on 101. After the hill the terrain was hilly, but not too bad. We rode that side road for a while until we stopped in Garberville for lunch. It was honestly the weirdest town we've been through ever. Everyone has dreadlocks and smelled like weed. We liked the laid back feel, but I think there were more homeless people there than actual residents. Anyway, we ate a subway and tried to charge our phones a little.

We got back on 101 at that point and it sucked. It was really hot and very hilly. We were pretty far inland at this point, which explains why it was so hot. It did follow the Eel River the whole way which was really pretty. The last few miles were rough. We saw "one log house".... it was pretty lame. We weren't impressed. We finally made it to the campground and there was a store right before it so we stopped in to get some dinner food. Shawn walked in a few minutes after us to do the same thing. He bought stuff to make s'mores so we were excited.

When we got to the campground the lady at the booth said the hike/bike camp was full so she put us with the couple that passed us earlier (Leah and Brian... We've been on the same route as them for a while and usually stay at the same places). So the 5 of us shared a campsite and made s'mores. It was good time.

We knew we had two very big hills to go over the next day to get back to the coast, so we tried to get to bed a little earlier. Fortunately we only had about 40 miles to go. :]

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