Monday, August 6, 2012

Shoreline Highway

8/1 Day 21 - Despite going to bed late we woke up feeling well rested. Ethan decided he was going to check out the beach, while I got ready for the day. While he was down there he spotted some seals and watched them for a while. They watched him too. He tried to get closer, but they would jump in the water when he did.

Anyway, after he got back we packed up then headed over to the other spot to say bye to Shawn and the other people. After that we went to the grocery store in Fort Bragg to stock up on granolas and pop tarts. Then there was a McDonalds in town so we had to go. We figured we could charge our phones while we were there, but there were no plugs :[. Breakfast was delicious though.

We headed out and stopped after a few miles to check out some ecological staircase that Ethan read about. We only had time to check out one level, but it was cool. After that Ethan wanted to stop and check out some waterfalls, but we didn't realize that the trail to them would be so long and hilly. We decided it wasn't worth it.

After that we made pretty good time until it started to get really hilly. We went through the town of Mendocino (on Lansing St.) It was really pretty and a cute little town. We decided it was time for lunch after a while, but couldn't find a good place to stop. There really were no towns after Mendocino (there were some, but they were so so small). Anyway, we decided at 3 that we could skip lunch and just eat granola bars and the bananas we had gotten earlier.

We stopped at the top of one of the hills after a big inlet and watched the waves crash way down below. Some time before that we went in an inlet that was sooooo steep. All the turns were hairpin turns and one car even skidded because they tried to take a curve too fast. It was scary. We still don't understand how huge RVs made those turns.

Anyway, after our snack we rode for about 2 more hours until we got to the campground. Ethan had contemplated going another 15 miles in order to make tomorrow 45 miles instead of 60. But by the time we got to camp I was out of steam. I made the call that we should stay. There was a KOA there too (on the same road as the state park) that we decided to check out. It was $10 per person though so we decided the state park made more sense. It was a highly disappointing decision for me because when we got there there was no electricity anywhere on the grounds and the toilets were outhouses. Arggghhhh!!!

Anyway, we set up camp and made dinner after a little breakdown on my part. :] I needed to change out of my biking clothes so I got in the tent to do that. While I was in there Shawn pulled up, but didn't have any of his stuff with him. Ethan assumed he was camping at the KOA, which he was. I got out and came over when he was telling us about his day and that he had actually decided to stay in one of the cabins at the KOA. Jealous! But he's such a nice guy that he invited us to sleep in the bunk beds in his cabin. Yes!! We packed up our stuff and headed back to the KOA. We took full advantage of the hot tub for a while and the "camper kitchen" which is this gazebo with a bunch of stove tops and sinks as well as outlets. We sat there for a whole charging our stuff and talking.

After that we headed back to the cabin, which had a heater in it. It was awesome and we slept great! Thanks, Shawn!

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