Friday, August 17, 2012

Orange County

8/16 Day 36 - We woke up and took our time packing up. My Uncle Bob had just landed in LA so they stopped by to see us off. It was great to see him. :] We left at about 11.

We rode through cities literally the entire day, which is good and bad. It's good because the miles go pretty fast, but bad because some towns (mainly Laguna Beach) are not bike friendly. People are parked on the side of the road with two lanes of traffic and no bike lane. Very stressful.

We stopped in Long Beach for lunch at Panda Express. Our next stop was Huntington Beach (Surf City, USA) where I saw a dolphin. We thought about checking out Balboa Island, but decided not to. We just rode down by the harbor instead. (There were some amazing houses up on a cliff/hill that all seemed to have infinity pools/hot tubs. One house had the entire slope covered with solar panels. Neat. -E) After that we stopped at Ralph's in Dana Point for dinner food and the campground was less than a mile from there. It was pretty flat most of the way except going through Laguna. It was also really hot, but like I said the miles went by fast so it wasn't too bad.

The campground was nice, but the hiker/biker site was really small and behind the bathroom again. There were only two other people there so we ended up having plenty of room. They actually have been riding the same route as us, but we found out we have been a couple days ahead or behind them the whole time. They knew Josh and Frank and had stayed at the same place as us in Monterey. It was really strange that we only ran into them once, but also kinda cool.

We didn't sleep very well because it was hot and we were really close to a train track that was very busy. At times it sounded like the trains were derailing and coming right for us. Not cool.

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