Saturday, August 4, 2012

Riding the struggle bus

8/3 Day 23 - When we woke up after our very long day Ethan felt fine and I felt terrible. My legs were totally dead and I was exhausted. It took us a long time to get going this morning, but we didn't have a long day so it wasn't a big deal. We were headed to Point Reyes Station where John's (Ethan's dad) friend Tom lived.

We headed out and made OK time to our lunch destination which was the town of Bodega where the movie The Birds was filmed. We read on Trip Advisor that there was a good place for food that was also a shrine to the movie. When we got there they had a statue of Alfred Hitchcock out front. It was weird. The food was good though. Ethan finally got his oyster.

We spent quite a while there charging Ethan's phone and eating. After we headed out it was very slow going from there. It was really hilly and I think I struggled over every one of those dang hills. (There's a picture of both bikes at the top after I biked up and then pushed Skye's up with her still behind and another picture of Skye sad because she's tired from all the hills. -Ethan) Eventually we came to a town called Tomales where we stopped so I could pee. After that we pressed on. Just about the only thing motivating us at this point was knowing that we would at least have a normal meal that night. We still weren't sure if we were invited to stay with Tom and his wife.

The road was very winding and narrow the whole way, which only made matters worse. After several breaks we finally made it to Point Reyes Station. We found Tom's house and breathed a sigh of relief. We knocked on the door and both Tom and his wife Jerri (not sure of the spelling) answered the door. After introductions (Ethan had never met them either) Jerri immediately made us snacks. We liked them already. We talked a little about our trip and stuff like that and ate all the snacks.

After a little chatting I took a shower while Jerri made dinner and Ethan talked to Tom about stuff (he had a lot of cool stories.) Dinner was awesome and it was so nice to eat a home cooked meal. We talked about lots of stuff, which was nice too. They're cool people. After dinner we had cookies and strawberries and watched some of the Olympics. I tried to catch up on blogging, but I was so tired that I couldn't finish. I think it was the most tired I had been since the first week.

Actually we were both exhausted so we called it a night even though we really wanted to watch Phelps swim. I think we fell asleep instantly... in a bed. :-)

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