Monday, August 6, 2012

Over the bridge, over again

8/5 Day 25 - we got a pretty late start this morning even though we wanted to leave the city around 2. We didn't actually leave the hotel until around 1 because we had to repack, put the toe clips on our pedals and grease my pedals. We also needed lunch so we walked to Chinatown hoping for some Dim Sum. We didn't actually get what most people call Dim Sum, but we got some really good food and it was awesome.

After lunch we headed back to pack up the last of our stuff. We were going back to the bridge to get some pictures because it was actually a really nice day. We got our stuff and went back down through Fisherman's Wharf. We were pretty close to the bridge when we stopped to see where Shawn was (he had started some laundry after lunch that he went back to dry and was then going to meet us) when we randomly ran into Molly (the girl who told us about Frank). We knew she was in town with her mom, but didn't realize they were riding over the bridge that day. Crazy. So we talked to them for a while, then continued on with them to the bridge.

When we got closer Shawn finally caught up and we all went up to the bridge. It wasn't nearly as cool as it looks on TV and I like the Mackinaw Bridge better. But it was still cool to finally see the whole thing. We decided to go out half way across the bridge so we could get the full affect. It was pretty cool. We took some pics out there, said goodbye to Molly, and headed to Golden Gate Park. Shawn had to get his bike boxed and shipped back home to Connecticut and the shop was really close to the park. And we thought it would be a good place to say goodbye. They have a random fenced in section with bison in it that we wanted to see so we found them and they were boring. Alas, it was time for us to continue and for Shawn to get to the bike shop. We took a quick pick, said goodbye and headed out. :[

Anyway, we didn't have very far to go, but it was already 4, so we knew it would be a late night. We also had two big hills to go over and my knee was still bothering me. The first hill was right outside SF through a neighborhood. This is where things took a turn to negative town. I had a major breakdown about half way up and was not sure how we would make it to our planned destination.

There were a lot of reasons for the crying, but I attribute most of it to being in SF for that little bit of time. It felt like we were back to normal life, but as soon as we left it was back to the reality of bike life. I'm also very tired and sore and homesick, but I do want to finish the trip. We decided we would take it day by day and try not to have too many really hard/long days for the last 12 days of the trip.

After I stopped crying we continued and then got to another hill (Devil's Slide), which I cried the whole way up. It sucked. But after that it was pretty flat. We made it to camp pretty late, so I started setting up while Ethan paid. After we set up we were going into town for pizza when I realized I had a flat rear tire. I had hit a huge pothole on the way down hill #2 (Devil's Slide) and it must have put a tiny hole in the tube. The leak was really slow thankfully. Ethan put air in it and decided we'd fix it in the morning.

We made it to the pizza place with 30 mins before they closed. Phew! We got a pizza and watched some Olympics reruns. The pizza was great. We headed back and went to bed right away. Another long day. :]

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