Thursday, August 16, 2012

R & R

8/14-15 Days 34 & 35 - We got a great night's sleep at Chelsea's and woke up feeling refreshed and a little sore. Our plans for this day included breakfast, REI, lunch and the Griffith Observatory. It took us a while to get going so our breakfast kind of turned in to brunch at Johnny Rockets (there was a groupon for it .. Don't judge us!). We went to REI and Ethan finally found this packable daypack he'd been looking for since we left Chicago. Hooray! He returned the bag he had got instead and bought the daypack. Success! After that we headed to the observatory.

The observatory was packed with tourists, which is always annoying, but it was actually really cool. It's basically a mini-museum about astronomy as well as an educational tour type thing. You could also go out onto the roof and into two telescope towers they have. We are completely fascinated by space so we really liked it. We hung out on the roof looking over the skyline and up at the Hollywood sign. It's so much smaller in real life.

After we left the observatory we decided we needed a closer look at the Hollywood sign. Ethan found a place that got you as close as possible, but it took us through some of the most winding and steep roads I've ever seen. It made me seriously car sick. When wevgot there there was an ice cream truck so naturally we got a drumstick chocolate cone. We took a couple pics and noticed that there were several news vans there. We decided it was nothing, although we did see some helicopters over the area from the observatory, which we thought might be strange.

Anyway, after we left there Ethan really wanted to go to Coney Dog. It's a coney dog restaurant owned by some famous people from Detroit or with special ties to it. (KRIS DRAPER, Braylon Edwards, and Tim Allen are all part owners. -E) It was pretty neat. They had a bunch of Red Wings posters and old pics of Detroit. Ethan got some coney dogs and I got cheese fries. They were OK. After that we needed to get gas and then we were going to the airport to pick up Ali (my sister).

After getting gas and Ali we headed back to Hermosa beach for Taco Tuesday. We met Chelsea and Ali's friend Kyle there. We hung out for a while eating tacos and drinking beer (I didn't have any beer). After that we went to a place close by that was a bit quieter and they also happened to have a ping pong table. We played best of three and eventually were joined by this strange but cool guy from Ghana. He kept score for us and then played Ethan and was actually kinda good. (I won though. -E) It was awkward, but we had a good time.

The next morning we got bagels with Ali and then went to Target for some food and other random things. We also had to get Caladryl for Ethan because we're pretty sure he has poison oak or something similar. It's pretty gross and not comfy for him :[. After that we got Chick-fil-a because it's delicious. (And some YogurtLand, which is almost equally delicious. Why can't they have those in Michigan? -E)

Once we were filled up on chicken and frozen yogurt, we went to the beach and chilled for a while. It was the first time we had been to the beach to enjoy the sunshine. It was great. :] When we'd had our full of the beach we headed back to Ali's apartment, which is like 100 yards from the beach. We chilled there for a while then went back to Chelsea's for dinner. Again, the food was awesome and it was great hanging out with the fam! We stayed up watching shark week for a while followed by Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman - great show... if you like listening to Morgan Freeman talk about things beyond your comprehension.

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