Sunday, July 22, 2012

A day in the life....

So we've decided that in addition to our blogs about our days we'd like to explain how our days usually go. Basically, how we get from one place to the next starting from the time we wake until the time we go to sleep.

Morning: Ethan is usually the first one up. He deflates his sleeping pad and packs it away, stuffs his sleeping bag in it's bag, and gets our electronics plugged in (usually in the bathroom). I usually sit there until he is done packing his stuff up because our tent is a little crowded. After he's done and out of the tent, I pack my sleeping bag, sleeping pad, blankie and my inflatable pillow. Then I get all my stuff around to go to the bathroom. This includes my contacts, clothes I'm going to wear that day, toothbrush, and sunscreen.

Once I get all that together, I get all of my stuff out of the tent and onto the picnic table so Ethan can pack the tent up (but first take a picture of our campsite.)0 If we're having oatmeal I start getting that ready, while Ethan packs the tent or hangs it up to dry. If we're just having pop tarts then I go to the bathroom, while Ethan puts the tent away.

After breakfast, I take our bowls, pot and sporks to the bathroom with me to clean them. I re-braid my hair, brush my teeth, put riding clothes on and put sunscreen on. Once I'm done with that I go back and Ethan usually has the tent put away.

We put everything back in it's proper bag, clean up any trash around, fill up our water bottles, check the map (to make sure we know where we're going and where the big hills are and maybe a good place to stop for lunch) and head out.

That's a typical morning. Not every morning is exactly the same because not all the campgrounds are the same and sometimes we go slower or faster depending on how many miles we have to go or if there is anything we want to see.

Day time: During the day we usually stop every 7-10 miles for a break or snacks (I like eating granola bars at these stops). If we have a big hill we stop several times going up for a breather. If we get to a town around lunch time (12-2pm) we'll either find a cheap place to eat or find a park to sit and make food. This normally depends on how well we planned the day before. If we didn't get lunch food to make then we'll stop at a restaurant. Sometimes we don't have a lot of time so we'll grab something really quick from a gas station or grocery store.

We try to stop at scenic places and take our time, but the amount that we do this pretty much depends on how tired I am and how much farther we have to go. So far we didn't stop a lot in Washington due to the weather and being tired, but we've stopped quite a bit in Oregon.

Evening: When we get close to the campground we're going to stay at we stop at a grocery store for dinner food if we don't already have it. We have been trying to vary our diet, but we usually go with Mac n cheese, chili, soup, pasta or rice. We always get a can of fruit or fresh veggies (Ethan is really into green peppers right now) so we don't get scurvy. That would suck. And we always get something for dessert (usually cookies) and hot chocolate (even though it's nice out it gets reallllly cold at night).

Once we get to the campground, Ethan sets up the tent while I start dinner. He also puts our sleeping bags and pads in the tent and inflates them. Once we have eaten we go wash out our bowls and stuff in the bathroom and get ready for bed. Lately we have been making hot chocolate when we get back, which is awesome but I always have to pee in the middle of night.

Once we're all ready for bed (meaning I have taken all my meds and taken out my contacts and all the other stuff I have to do) we add photos and upload the blog from the day before and I write one for that day. We usually go to sleep around 10:30 or 11.

And that's what our days are like! Like I said, they're not all the same because that would be boring, but we do have a "general routine" that helps us be efficient and ready for anything. :]

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