Thursday, July 26, 2012

Going going back back to Cali Cali!

7/26 Day 15 - Well.... We did it! We made it to California! We are only a few miles past the border, but we're on California soil and that's all that matters.

This morning Ethan decided he couldn't leave Humbug Mountain State Park without hiking the actual mountain. I opted out of the 6 mile round trip - didn't get much sleep and it would take me forever to hike 6 miles. So he left around 7:45 and I got up to start getting our stuff packed. Everyone else had been up for a while (one reason I didn't get much sleep) talking about where they were planning on staying that night etc. Only a few of us were venturing farther than a few miles into Cali so it was the last time we would see those who were ending their trip today or tomorrow. It was kinda sad. But I had to get a lot of stuff done on my own so we could leave as soon as Ethan got back, so I said my goodbye's and got to work. I was just finishing packing the tent when Ethan finally got back at about 9:45. He grabbed the rest of his stuff, took a quick shower and by 10:10 we were outta there.

It was a pretty hilly day, which sucked extra bad for both of us since I didn't get much sleep and Ethan hiked 6 miles. But we made decent time to the next city for lunch. We stopped for pizza for a long time to charge our phones and catch up the blog. It was a much needed rest. After that we had 37 miles to go. Our next big stop would be Brookings (a few miles from the border) for food.

We stopped several times before Brookings because of all the hills (one of them was so steep that we got up to 42mph going down) and a few times at scenic overlooks. We had to get our last looks at the Oregon coast. Who knows when we'll be back?!

It took us a few hours, but we made it to Brookings finally. We could have stayed at the state park there where most everyone else stayed, but we really need a day off soon so we went the extra 10 miles over the border.

A few miles over the border there was a state park (not a real campground, but a grassy area with picnic tables) that you could camp at. It looked sketchy and there were no showers so we pressed on to our planned campground. Unfortunately, when we got here we realized it was almost as sketchy (not unsafe, but just kinda dirty and not well kept) as the random park. It did have showers though (although I didn't end up showering, but Ethan did)!

Anyway, we made dinner and are trying to get some extra zzz's tonight. Another long day tomorrow!

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