Monday, July 16, 2012

who calls a 33 mile bike ride an easy day?

We definitely consider 33 miles an easy day. Unless it's all up hill or it's a "day 4." We woke up this morning in no rush. It had rained last night so we moved all our stuff into the sunlight to dry, made breakfast and all that good stuff. It's always nice not to have to rush off in the morning. It gives us time to get our legs moving and loosen up a bit. We walked down to the beach to see the low tide, which wasn't so low anymore, but it was still cool. After our tent dried we packed up and headed out.

The riding was pretty easy and our muscles are starting to catch up with us. Our butts aren't nearly as sore as they were yesterday. The weather was perfect...the sun seemed to follow us all day. We stopped with about 10 miles to go for lunch that we picked up earlier. Ramen noodles! After that it was a short ride downhill to Quinault Lake. We stopped at the Vistors Center/Internet Cafe to charge our phones and catch up on our blogging :]

We hung out at the cafe for a while then biked about two miles to the campground. We got there with plenty of day light to hang out and check out the surroundings. There are some pretty good hiking trails through the forest (the trail system reminded us of pictured rocks) so we decided to do a short loop near the campground. It was really pretty and there were some pretty huge trees. We can't even imagine what the redwoods will be like!

After we got back we decided to check out the lake to see if we could bathe in it. The campground is right next to the lake and our site is basically on the hill leading into the lake. It's pretty cool. Anyway we went down to the lake via a small path which has a very slippery rock at the end that I slipped on. No serious injuries, but my hands and my butt are a bit sore. :] The water was cold but we decided to deal with it considering we hadn't showered in two days. It feels great to be clean!

After our lake bath we made dinner, ate and then walked down to the beach. We saw a beaver and some jumping fish. And another lovely sunset. Tomorrow is going to be a longer day so it's time for bed.

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