Monday, July 16, 2012

Ethan's Notes - 1,863.58 miles - 51.77 miles/day

Day 1 - Seattle Amtrak to Kitsap Memorial State park - 29.4 miles (including 8.6 mile ferry) - SEATTLE AMTRAK to King St to Elliot Bay Trail to Seattle Ferry Terminal to Ferry to Winslow Way to Madison Ave to 305 to Valley Rd to Big Valley Rd to 3 to KITSAP MEMORIAL PARK

Day 2 - to Colby's in Port Angeles - 62.37 miles - KITSAP MEMORIAL PARK - 3 to 104 to Shine Rd to 104 to 101 to Olympic Discovery Trail in Blyn to Lincoln to Sixth St to COLBY'S

Day 3 - to Fairholm Campground - 28.18 miles - COLBY'S on Sixth St to 101 to FAIRHOLM CAMPGROUND

Day 4 - to Kalaloch Campground - 65.67 miles - FAIRHOLM CAMPGROUND to 101 to KALALOCH CAMPGROUND

Day 5 - to Willaby Campground - 33.1 miles - KALALOCH CAMPGROUND to 101 to 9 to South Shore Rd to WILLABY CAMPGROUND

Day 6 - to Artic Park - 54.57 miles - WILLABY CAMPGROUND to South Shore Rd to 101 to ARTIC PARK

Day 7 - to River's End Campground - 65.24 miles - ARTIC PARK to 101 to Willapa Hills Trail in Raymond to 101 to RIVER'S END CAMPGROUND

Week 1 totals: Seattle, Wa to Chinook, Wa - 338.53 miles - 48.36 miles/day

Day 8 - to Fort Stevens State Park - 21.9 miles - (6.4 miles of biking around the campground) - RIVER'S END CAMPGROUND to 101 to 30 to around Astoria to 30 to 101 to E Harbor St to 104 to SW 9th to Ridge Rd to Peter Iredale Rd to FORT STEVENS STATE PARK

Day 9 - to Nehalem Bay State Park - 41.09 miles - FORT STEVENS STATE PARK to Ridge Rd to 101 to Holladay Dr to 101 to Fir St to Hemlock St to 101 to Classic St to around Manzanita to NEHALEM BAY STATE PARK

Day 10 - to Cape Lookout State Park - 49.78 miles - NEHALEM BAY STATE PARK to Gray Rd to Necarney City Rd to 101 to 131 to Bayocean Rd to Bayshore Dr to 131 to Netarts Bay Rd to CAPE LOOKOUT STATE PARK

Day 11 - to Beverly Beach State Park - 59.09 miles - CAPE LOOKOUT STATE PARK to Cape Lookout Rd to Sandlake Rd to Brooten Rd to 101 to NE West Devils Lake Rd to 14th St to 101 to Otter Crest Loop to 101 to BEVERLY BEACH STATE PARK

Day 12 - to Jessie M Honeyman Memorial State Park - 62.39 miles - BEVERLY BEACH STATE PARK to 101 to NW Oceanview Dr to 22nd to Edenview Dr to 20th to 101 to JESSIE M HONEYMAN MEMORIAL STATE PARK

Day 13 - to Sunset Bay State Park - 56.8 miles - JESSIE M HONEYMAN MEMORIAL STATE PARK to 101 to Florida St to Hamilton St to Virginia Ave to Marion St to 16th St to Broadway St to Goodwill Store to Cape Arago Hwy to SUNSET BAY STATE PARK

Day 14 - to Humbug Mountain State Park - 58.33 miles - SUNSET BAY STATE PARK to Cape Arago Hwy to Walker Ave to 7 Devils Rd to W Beaver Hill Rd to Whiskey Run Rd to 7 Devils Rd to 101 to HUMBUG MOUNTAIN STATE PARK

Week 2 totals: Chinook, Wa to Port Orford, Or - 349.38 miles - 49.91 miles/day

Trip totals - Seattle, Wa to Port Orford, Or - 687.91 miles - 49.14 miles/day

Day 15 - Ship's Ashore Resort - 62.95 miles - HUMBUG MOUNTAIN STATE PARK to 101 to Lower Harbor Rd to Oceanview Dr to 101 to SHIP'S ASHORE RESORT

Day 16 - to Elk Prairie Campground - 53.27 miles - SHIP'S ASHORE RESORT to 101 to Lake Earl Dr to 101/Redwood Hwy to Front St to Battery Point to Front St to 101/Redwood Hwy to Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway to ELK PRAIRIE CAMPGROUND

Day 17 - to Super 8, Eureka, Ca - 50.77 miles - ELK PRAIRIE CAMPGROUND to Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway to 101/Redwood Hwy to Clam Beach Dr to Hammond Coastal Trail to Murray Rd to Hammond Trail to Mad River Rd to Upper Bay Rd to Spear Ave to Alliance Rd to Samoa Blvd to S G St to 101/Redwood Hwy to Target to 3rd St to N St to SUPER 8

Day 18 - to Hidden Springs Campground - 54.54 miles - SUPER 8 to M St to 2nd St to H St to 1st St to Waterfront Dr to Del Norte St to 101 Wildwood Ave to Main St to 101 to Avenue of the Giants to HIDDEN SPRINGS CAMPGROUND

Day 19 - to Standish-Hickey State Park - 42.43 miles - HIDDEN SPRINGS CAMPGROUND to Avenue of the Giants to 101 to Redwood Dr to 101 to STANDISH-HICKEY STATE PARK

Day 20 - to MacKerricher State Park - 45.92 miles - STANDISH-HICKEY STATE PARK to 101 to Hwy 1 to 271 (3 mile round trip to market) to Hwy 1 to MACKERRICHER STATE PARK

Day 21 - to Manchester Beach KOA - 45.77 miles - MACKERRICHER STATE PARK to Mill Creek Dr to MacKerricher State Park Rd to Old Haul Rd to W Elm St to Hwy 1 to Lansing St to Main St to Hwy 1 to Kinney Rd to MANCHESTER BEACH KOA

Week 3 Totals - Port Orford, Or to Manchester, Ca - 355.65 miles - 50.81 miles/day

Trip Totals - Seattle, Wa to Manchester, Ca - 1,043.56 miles - 49.69 miles/day

Day 22 - to Bodega Dunes State Park - 69.07 miles - MANCHESTER BEACH KOA Kinney Rd to Hwy 1 to BODEGA DUNES STATE PARK

Day 23 - to Point Reyes Station - 35.44 miles - BODEGA DUNES STATE PARK to Hwy 1 to Bodega Hwy to Hwy 1 to 4th St to C St to 3rd St to POINT REYES STATION

Day 24 - to Chancellor Hotel, San Francisco - 42.66 miles - POINT REYES STATION to 3rd St to Hwy 1 to Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Cross Marin Trail to Taylor Park Rd to Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Olema Rd to Manor Rd to Scenic Rd to Broadway Blvd to Center Rd to San Anselemo Ave to Sir Francis Drake Blvd to College Ave to Magnolia Ave to Doherty Dr to Larkspur Path to Tamal Vista Blvd to Madera Dr to REI to Tamalpais Dr to Casa Buena Dr to bike path to Lomita Dr to bike path to Bridgeway to Richardson St to Richardson St to 2nd St to S Alexander Ave to GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE to Bike Route 2 Crissy Field Ave to Old Mason St to Marina Blvd to Bike Path to Van Ness Ave to Bike Path to Lincoln Hey to Leavensworth St to Green St to Jones St to Clay St to Powell St to CHANCELLOR HOTEL!

Day 25 - to Half Moon Bay State Park - 43.25 miles - CHANCELLOR HOTEL to Powell St to Bush St to Kearny St to Merchant St to Montgomery St to Clay St to sidewalk around Vaillancourt Fountain to The Embarcadaro to Jefferson St to Bike Route to Van Ness Ave to Bike Route 2 to Marina Blvd to Old Mason St to Crissy Field Ave to Battery East Trail to GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE (halfway and back) to Merchant Rd to Lincoln Blvd to 25th Ave to Lake St to 23rd Ave to Fulton Ave to 30th Ave to John F Kennedy Dr to S Fork Dr to Martin Luther King Jr Dr to La Playa St to Great Hwy to 35 to Westridge Ave to Skyline Dr to Crenshaw Dr to Palmetto Ave to Clarendon Rd to Lakeside Ave to Bradford Way to Hwy 1 to Halfmoon Bay Coastal Trail to Magellan Ave to Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail to HALF MOON BAY STATE PARK

Day 26 - to New Brighton State Park - 61.49 miles - HALF MOON BAY STATE PARK to Kelly Ave to Hwy 1 to bike path along Hwy 1 to Mission St to Natural Bridges Dr to Delaware Ave to Swanton Blvd to W Cliff Dr to Pacific Ave to Laurel St to Broadway to Ocean St to Soquel Ave to Capitola Rd to Wharf Rd to Stockton Ave to Capitola Ave to Monterey Ave to Park Ave to McGregor Dr to NEW BRIGHTON STATE PARK

Day 27 - to Veterans Memorial Park - 42.7 miles - (5.63 miles around town) - NEW BRIGHTON STATE PARK to McGregor Dr to Park Ave to Soquel Dr to Freedom Blvd to Bonita Dr to San Andreas Rd to Beach St to Thurwacher Rd to McGowan Rd to Trafton Rd to Bluff Rd to Jensen Rd to Hwy 1 to Nashua Rd to Monte Rd to Del Monte Blvd to Monterey Peninsula Recreation Trail to Del Monte Blvd to Calle Principal to Jefferson St to Veterans Drive to VETERAN'S MEMORIAL PARK

Day 28 - to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park - 34.69 miles - VETERAN'S MEMORIAL PARK to Veterans Drive to Skyline Dr to Skyline Forest Dr to 68 to 17 Mile Drive to Carmel Way to San Antonia Ave to Ocean Ave to Scenic Rd to Santa Lucia Ave to Dolores St to Lasuen Dr to Rio Rd to Hwy 1 to PFEIFFER BIG SUR STATE PARK

Week 4 Totals - Manchester, Ca to Big Sur, Ca - 329.3 miles - 47.04 miles/day

Trip Totals - Seattle, Wa to Big Sur, Ca - 1,372.86 miles - 49.03 miles/day

Day 29 - to San Simeon State Park - 69.75 miles - PFEIFFER BIG SUR STATE PARK to Hwy 1 to Slo San Simeon Rd to Hwy 1 to San Simeon-Monterey Creek Rd to San Simeon State Park to SAN SIMEON STATE PARK

Day 30 - to Coastal Dunes RV Park & Campground - 54.86 miles - SAN SIMEON STATE PARK to San Simeon-Monterey Creek Rd to Hwy 1 to Ocean Ave to Hwy 1 to Main St to Quintana Rd to S Bay Blvd to Los Osos Valley Rd to S Higuera St to Ontario Rd to Avila Beach Dr to Shell Beach Rd to Price St to Hwy 1/Pacific Blvd to COASTAL DUNES RV PARK & CAMPGROUND

Day 31 - to Gaviota State Park - 66.68 miles - COASTAL DUNES RV PARK & CAMPGROUND to Hwy 1 to Halcyon Rd to Hwy 1 to Clark Ave to Orcutt Rd to Graciosa Rd to Hwy 1/Hwy 135 to Hwy 135 to Harris Grade Rd to Hwy 1 to Chestnut Ave to 7th St to Hwy 1 to Gaviota Beach Rd to GAVIOTA STATE PARK

Day 32 - to McGrath State Beach - 69.12 miles - GAVIOTA STATE PARK to Gaviota Beach Rd to Hwy 1 to Cathedral Oaks Rd to Hollister Ave to State St to E Constance Ave to Garden St to E Los Olivos St to Laguna St to Mission St to Garden St to Anapamu St to Anacapa St to Gutierrez St to Garden St to E Cabrillo Blvd to Coast Village Rd to N Jameson Lane to Ortega Hill Bike Path to Ortega Hill Rd to Lillie Ave to Via Real to Santa Ynez Ave to 7th St to Linden Ave to Sandy Land Rd to Palm Ave to 4th St to Carpinteria Bluffs Trail (not good for bikes) to Carpinteria Ave to Rincon Rd to Hwy 1/Hwy 101 to Pacific Coast Hwy to Bike Path to Pierpont Blvd to Seaward Ave to Harbor Blvd to MCGRATH STATE PARK

Day 33 - to Chuy's - 74.56 miles - MCGRATH STATE PARK to Harbor Blvd to Channel Islands Blvd to Ventura Rd to Hueneme Rd to Naval Air Rd to Pacific Coast Hwy/Hwy 1 to Ocean Front (Will Rogers SB) to Venice Beach Boardwalk to Bike Path to Washington Blvd to Marvin Braude Bike Path to Fiji Way to Ballona Creek Bike Path to Pacific Ave to Marvin Braude Bike Trail to Hermosa Ave to Harbor Dr to Beryl St to Pacific Coast Hwy to Aviaton Blvd to Huntington Ln to CHUY'S

Day 34-35 - Day off

Day 36 - to Doheny State Beach - 57.86 miles - CHUY'S to Huntington Lane to Rindge Lane to 190th St to Anza Ave to Lomita Blvd to Ocean Ave to Hwy 1 to Long Beach Blvd to 4th St to Appian Way to 2nd St to Hwy 1 to DOHENY STATE BEACH

Day 37 - to WarmShowers Pacific Beach - 66.34 miles - DOHENY STATE BEACH to Park Lantern to Palisades Dr to Coast Hwy to Avenido Pico to McDonalds to Avenido Pico to Calle De Los Molinos to El Comino Real to Avenida Valencia to Ola Vista to Avenida Califia to Avenida Del Presidente to Old Hwy 101 to Old Pacific Hwy to Las Pulgas Rd to Stuart Mesa Rd to Vandegrift Blvd to Harbor Dr to Coast Hwy to Carlsbad Blvd to Coast Hwy 101 to Camino Del Mar to Torrey Pines Rd to Genesse Ave to Campus Point Dr to Voigt Dr to Gilman Dr to Villa La Jolla Dr to La Jolla Village Dr to Torrey Pines Dr to La Jolla Shores Dr to El Paseo Grande to Camino Del Oro to Avenida De La Playa to Calle De La Plata to Paseo Dorado to Spindrift Dr to Princess St to Torrey Pines St to Prospect Pl to Coast Blvd to Olivetas Ave to Marine St to Monte Vista Ave to Fern Glen To Neptune Pl to Camino De La Costa to Chelsea Ave to Dolphin Pl to Chelsea Ave to Forward St to Calumet Ave to Sea Ridge Dr to Chelsea St to La Jolla Blvd to Opal St to Dawes St to WARMSHOWERS PACIFIC BEACH

Day 38 - to Courtyard Marriott/Mexico Border - 31.55 miles - WARMSHOWERS PACIFIC BEACH to Dawes St to Bayside Walk to Mission Bay Dr to Sports Arena Blvd to Pacific Hwy to Broadway to Courtyard Marriot to Broadway to Harbor Dr to 28th St to Main St to National City Blvd to Broadway to L St to Industrial Blvd to Hollister St to Outer Rd to Coronado Ave to Hollister St to Monument Rd to Dairy Mart Rd to Camino De La Plaza to Camiones Way to USA/MEXICO BORDER

Days 29-38 Totals - Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to USA/Mexico Border - 490.72 miles - 61.34 miles/day

Trip Totals - Seattle Amtrak to USA/Mexico Border - 1,863.58 miles - 51.77 miles/day (13.1 miles extra after camp)

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