Monday, July 16, 2012

The Day 4 Blues

7/15 - We'll start this off by explaining the title. On our last bike tour day 4 was the worst day of the trip. It was the day our legs and butts hurt the worst and our morale was very low. We seriously considered stopping the trip and I shed a few tears. It is hard on day 4 to be optimistic because you have so much ahead of you and you're in so much pain that it just doesn't seem possible. This day 4 was no different.

I woke up feeling absolutely terrible. My throat hurt, my head hurt, my legs were impossibly sore and I just felt sick. Ethan was in pain too, but not as much as me. I laid in bed for an hour or so trying to feel better and get it together. I cried for about 30 minutes of that hour because I honestly didn't think I could get back on my bike that day. After that breakdown I knew I had to get up and get moving or I would never move. I started to feel better when I did, but I still doubted my biking ability for that day. I warned Ethan that I didn't think I could make it to our planned campground for that night. He eased my mind by telling me not to worry and that we could bike as slow as I needed to.

We left the campground knowing that we had to go up hill for a while. What we didn't realize was that it was uphill for 3-4 miles. It was torture and we had to walk most of it. I lost it about half way and could not stop crying. Ethan talked me down thankfully and after what seemed like forever we finally made it to the top. After that painful hour or so it was mostly all downhill. It was a huge blessing because if it had been anything but downhill we would not have made it 65 miles to our planned campground.

Halfway through the day we made it to Forks, the town that Twilight is based in. Every thing was Twilight this and that. It was funny because the town is tiny. It did have a big grocery store though that we were very thankful for. We got some dinner food, called our moms and headed out.

We finally made it to the coast and saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time on the trip. It was an amazing feeling given how the day started out. We stopped a few times along the coast before the campground to take pictures and watch the waves. When we pulled in to the campground we were greeted yet again with a "campground full" sign. Dang it!!! We pulled up to the registration building hoping to get some info on the campground a few miles down the road. He told us there were plenty of spots there so we turned around to head out when the camp host (an old man in a smart car/golf cart) approached us and said that he had a list of open spots and asked if we wanted one. I glady accepted. After 1 failed site he found us an empty one.

This was the first time we actually had time to cook dinner in the daylight and chill out for a while. We ate then headed to the beach to watch the sunset. The beach was littered with driftwood (or drift trees as Ethan called them because they literally were almost full trees just scattered on the beach) and rocks. We found a good tree to sit on and snapped some pics. The sunset was amazing and we can't wait to watch more. We got to bed early to try to make up for the night before. We were really happy that we made it that far because the next day would only be 30 miles...a short and easy day. We were even more happy that we made it through the day 4 blues relatively unscathed. :]

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  1. I love the videos, but can you like talk and tell me what i'm looking at??