Thursday, July 12, 2012

WTF mate?!

So it's 5:53am Pacific Time. Needless to say we're very tired. We are stopped in Sand Point, Idaho, which we should have reached at 11:50pm last night. That means we are 6 whole hours behind schedule - it also means that we will most likely not get to Seattle until around 4:30pm (the coach attendant claims we'll make up time in Spokane, WA... I don't trust him) instead of 10:30am. Ethan is equally skeptical and swears they stopped the train last night while we were sleeping as a joke. We are slightly annoyed ...and this guy keeps walking by asking where the lounge car is that has been on the train since Chicago. Pretty sure he's hallucinating or something... This has only added to our annoyed state.

On the bright side (literally) the sun is up and casting a beautiful glow on the surrounding mountains. It's lovely out here :] time to try more sleep. Will post later once we've made it to Seattle - or sooner depending on our frustration level.

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