Saturday, July 28, 2012

Target, Super 8 & Applebee's Oh My

7/28 Day 17 - Today we got off to an early start so we could get to Eureka with plenty of day left. We got up at 8 and left by 9.

We made it to Trinidad by lunch time which was a little over half way to Eureka. We stopped at a market for food. We got chicken fingers and potato wedges (Ethan had a corn dog too) because we hadn't learned our lesson yesterday. We also called and made a reservation at the Super 8 in Eureka because a lady told us that she had tried to get a last minute room in Eureka last night with no luck. But, they had a king room left so we took it. Anyway, it was only 20 more miles to Eureka so we figured we'd be ok, but we came up to a big hill pretty quickly and both struggled up it. Again, we regretted our lunch decision.

After riding for a little while on 101 (which had pretty much turned into a freeway at this point) these bikers passed us and told us about this bike trail that takes you into the next town. Hooray! We're saved from 101... For a while anyway.

We found the trail and felt so happy to be away from all the traffic. We try to get off 101 as much as possible because having people fly by you at 65 mph for hours on end gets old really fast. This was a welcome change of pace. We rode that for a while then noticed we had to go up a big hill a ways ahead. We dreaded it, but would rather do it on a bike bath than 101. Buttttt when we got there the bike path went from paved to gravel. Crap! So annoying, but we didn't have a choice. We walked up it and fortunately it was paved at the top. We continued on the path until we got to Arcata. The path ended on some country road, but at least it wasn't the highway. We stayed off 101 until about 5 miles before Eureka.

We had to get back on 101 to get into town and it totally sucked. The wind was in our face and it was flat. It was a tough 5 miles, but we made it and as soon as we reached town there was a Target. That 5 miles was suddenly worth it. We haven't seen a Target on the whole trip. We pulled up and went in. It felt so good to be a in a place so familiar. We got some groceries and essentials and then headed to the hotel.

We checked in and found out our room was on the 2nd floor. Ethan had to carry both bikes up. At least we're not sleeping outside today! There was a laundromat across the street so we decided to wash all our stuff. It smelled terrible. We put on some clothes that we don't really wear and washed everything else. Clean clothes!!

After that we found the hot tub that we took full advantage of. Our muscles really haven't had any time to loosen up and the hot tub did just that. It was awesome.

After the hot tub, we relaxed for a while, showered and watched TV until 8:30. Half off appetizers started at 9 at Applebee's and it was 2.5 miles away so we left then. We found out there was an Applebee's here a while ago and had been super excited about it for a few days. Hooray!

Anyway, we got our usual appetizer feast of Wonton Tacos, chicken quesadilla and Mozzarella sticks. It was delicious! The only thing that stunk about going there was that it was heavily misting when we left. Good thing we took our rain jackets! We watched more TV when we got back and went through some of our pictures. After that it was time for the best night of sleep we'd have in while. :]

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