Wednesday, July 25, 2012

California Dreamin'

7/25 Day 14 - We woke up in the cold and wet today. It really sucked. Not to mention we were surrounded by babies and other people. We ate breakfast in the tent to stay dry for as long as possible. Again, we packed everything quickly and then took our loaded bikes to the bathroom to brush our teeth. We got out of there ASAP.

We knew we had to deal with some hills right away on 7 Devil's Road. I didn't realize that the name actually meant there were 7 hills. The first one was terrible and I prayed that the next 6 wouldn't be as bad. Well, the next 5 weren't too bad, but the last one we ended up walking half way up. It was rough. After what seemed like forever we finally made it off of that road and headed back toward 101. It was smooth sailing from there to Bandon where there was a Subway.

We got to Subway at 12:30 so it was pretty busy, but we found the one and only plug in the store and charged up our phones. We stayed for a while. Then sun came out while we were there so I sat outside to warm up for a few minutes. After our phones were mostly charged we headed out for Humbug Mountain State Park. It was another 33 miles, but we broke it up into 8 mile chunks which seems to work best for me. On one of our breaks we stopped out front of a KOA and met a nice couple who wanted to know everything about what we were doing and had some advice on what to do in San Francisco. They also told us about a book written by a guy who did the entire west coast (from Alaska to Argentina) on a tandem bike. He would pick up people along the way and he got some good stories out of it. Sounds like a good read :]. Take A Seat.

On our next break we ran into a guy whose wife was driving all his stuff for him while he biked the coast. I'm always jealous of those people. He seemed like a cool guy so we talked to
him for a while. Our next stop was Port Orford for breakfast food and dessert. After that it was only another 6 miles to the state park. We had to go over a few big hills which I hate doing at the end of the day, but we made it.

When we got there our old friends Josh and Frank were there and some other people that we've come to know along the way. Ethan wanted to hike Humbug Mountain, but a ranger told us that it was 3 miles up and very steep. I was not up for the challenge, but there was an easier hike that gave you better views of the ocean so we decided to go for it. Josh and a couple other people came too. It was really cool once you got up there. There was also cell phone service up there so I made a few phone calls.

After that we made dinner and both took showers (it had been a couple days since our last shower... It was needed). The showers were great too, which makes it that much better. After that Frank had made a fire and someone brought s'mores stuff so we sat around making s'mores and talking about bilking and other random things. We stayed up a little too late, but the company was worth it.

We were planning on getting to Cali on the 27th but Ethan thinks we can do it tomorrow (the 26th). Fingers are crossed that we make it! :]

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