Tuesday, July 17, 2012

in the misty morning fog

7/17 Day 6- This morning we woke up in the fog. It was misty and cold. We tried to hang up some of our stuff to dry over night but that didn't work out too well... Bummer. We knew it would be a long day so we made breakfast and got on our way.

We ended up staying at the same place as Josh and Frank (the father son duo mentioned earlier... We actually stayed at the same place as them the two nights before as well) so we said goodbye to them thinking they'd probably beat us to the next place by far. But they left after us so about 2 hours into the ride they caught up to us and mentioned that they were stopping in the next town for food. They invited us to join and it's pretty rare for us to turn down food so we told them we'd see them there.

The next town was not much of a town and unfortunately didn't have anywhere to eat. Luckily some locals informed us of a good place for lunch a few miles ahead...The Red Rooster. We got some food, which was delicious and a welcome break from our usual lunches, and had some time to talk about our journeys, bike stuff, traveling and such. It was great to have other people to talk to who share similar interests. The break was nice, but all the food weighed us down and our muscles got stiff. The next few miles were rough but we got a lot of good downhills into the next town. We did get passed by an intense amount of logging trucks and had a close call over a bridge with two of them. It was not fun at all.

We were headed through Aberdeen on our way to the next campsite. There is a WalMart there that we made note of before the trip began, which was great planning by us because we needed to pick up a few things and dinner before we headed out of town. To get through town we had to cross a few bridges, but fortunately there were sidewalks on all of them so that made it much less stressful. *Important side note: we saw our first McDonald's of the trip in Aberdeen. Anyway, the town was busy but we made it to Walmart (might have been the worst Walmart ever) and got what we needed. It was only 12 more miles to the campground from there.

As we got out of town we knew it would be a bit uphill but we did not know for how long. Since we left the mountainous area we haven't dealt with too many huge hills... Except this one. It took us probably 40 minutes to get up. It was not the kind of hill you want to deal with at the end of a long day. We finally made it and the rest of the way was downhill. We had a pretty strong headwind which sucked but we made it to the campground with plenty of time to spare.

Once we got all our stuff set up Ethan went for a nature walk and I stayed in the tent to try and warm up. After that we went to the pub/grill on the grounds for Taco Tuesday with Frank and Josh. We got the biggest tacos I have ever seen and they were delicious! We hung out there for a while then headed back to take full advantage of the campground's showers.

We are clean and ready for bed :] tomorrow is going to be another long one!

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